Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Endurance Training & Cardio Training

Do you want to live 12 years longer? Go for a run 07.11.2023
Why moderate continuous activity is a better antidepressant than HIT 03.08.2022
Fit after menopause? Hormone treatment not necessary 01.05.2022
Face mask has no adverse effect on sports performance 22.11.2020
This type of strength training is just as good for your cardiovascular health as running 20.03.2020
Music after your workout speeds recovery 12.03.2020
This type of runner is more likely to collapse 17.02.2020
Exercise is healthy, and therefore ballroom dancing too 20.12.2019
Cardio on an empty stomach just as pleasant as after breakfast 01.12.2019
Depression disappears faster due to less than an hour of strength training or cardio per week 16.11.2019
Meta-study compares interval training with traditional endurance training 15.10.2019
Sleep improvement makes cardio and strength training more effective 23.07.2019
Exercise reduces blood pressure as much as medication 29.12.2018
Endurance training, interval training makes biological clock tick slower 04.12.2018
Early bird or night owl? In the higher echelons of sports it matters... 02.10.2018
House dust mite allergy? Running helps 23.09.2018
A too comfortable running shoe increases the risk of injuries 01.07.2018
This is the hormonal impact of a triathlon 01.04.2018
High fitness in middle age reduces the chance of dementia by ninety percent 18.03.2018
This cardio training schedule reverses cardiovascular aging 23.01.2018
A high-intensity workout that's not too unpleasant 14.12.2017
Circuit training with light weights causes just as much fat loss as classic cardio training 23.11.2017
Will you become a better runner if your paces are bigger or smaller? 22.09.2017
Weight training doesn't boost endurance of women runners or cyclists 05.08.2017
Cardio and strength training: not on the same day 26.01.2017
Combination of strength training and cardio: workout at the end of the day results in more endurance capacity and muscle growth 19.01.2017
Drastic increase in endurance capacity by inhaling mint oil and orange oil 13.01.2017
This is how runners can protect themselves against injuries 04.11.2016
Circuit training with bodyweight exercises is tougher than running 13.06.2016
Why intensive cardio training usually doesn't work 29.05.2016
Physical exercise boosts concentration of longevity hormone 06.11.2015
Endurance capacity protects against headache 15.10.2015
Feeling tense? Need more energy? A short training session is more effective than resting 19.08.2015
Five stretches that boost middle distance runners' endurance capacity 09.07.2015
Resistance training and cardio training offer protection against burnout 13.06.2015
The best way to do interval training 01.04.2015
Cardio workout is pleasanter if you decide yourself how hard you train 17.03.2015
High-intensity cardio too much for obese people 11.03.2015
Leg presses before cycling: 6 percent faster over 20k 13.11.2014
Obese teenagers benefit most from a combination of strength training and cardio 21.10.2014
Diehards who hardly ever miss fitness training sessions live longer 26.06.2014
Diabetics live longer with physical exercise 25.06.2014
Resisted sprints make athletes faster and more agile 13.06.2014
Running better than walking for breast cancer patients 31.05.2014
Lengthy cardio training stimulates growth hormone secretion more than strength training does 30.05.2014
Endurance athletes who talk to themselves perform better 29.05.2014
Walking and running can halve the chance of brain cancer 18.05.2014
Half an hour a day of cardio works almost as well as an hour 18.02.2014
Endurance training reduces strength training gains in muscle mass and strength 29.01.2014
Overweight people can best combine cardio and strength training 28.01.2014
Tour de France cyclists live six years longer 19.10.2013
Running reduces chance of osteoarthritis but not for everyone 11.09.2013
Physical exercise makes female body react more strongly to sexual stimuli 14.07.2013
You run faster on the treadmill if you watch music videos 19.06.2013
Music improves sports performance 17.06.2013
Strength training speeds up 3k and 5k runners too 23.05.2013
DHEA-supplementation boosts post-interval training anabolism 15.04.2013
Extra high growth hormone peak with clever interval training 26.03.2013
Runners benefit from deep squats too 15.03.2013
Interval training helps elite athletes get fitter without overtraining 12.03.2013
Interval training helps the obese lose weight 25.02.2013
Exercise less tiring in green surroundings 11.02.2013
Combination training speeds up weight loss 30.11.2012
Strength training and cardio during chemotherapy 25.11.2012
Modest cardio speeds up post-weight training recovery 22.11.2012
Bright light helps early birds perform better in the afternoon 31.08.2012
Small amount of strength training makes endurance athletes' muscles more efficient 11.07.2012
Words of encouragement make you stronger and fitter 03.07.2012
The anticatabolic effect of 100 mg DHEA daily 29.06.2012
Walking in green areas healthier than walking in the city 20.06.2012
Weighted vests are only worth it if you train 01.06.2012
Lower your heart rate and live longer 22.05.2012
Little time, but still want to get fitter? Try interval training 30.04.2012
Exercise delays aging as much as caloric restriction does 02.02.2012
Get fit, delay aging 30.01.2012
Being fit protects your cells from rusting 26.01.2012
Cryotherapy helps athletes recover faster 15.01.2012
Walk at least two kilometres a day for protection against dementia 09.12.2011
Yoga makes diabetics healthier 29.11.2011
Aging shrinks your brains; cardio makes them grow 04.11.2011
Sometimes strength training helps you burn more calories than cardio training 14.08.2010
Weekly strength training during the racing season makes cyclists faster 24.04.2011
Raise your VO2max to delay ageing 18.04.2011
Half hour of moderately intensive cardio training boosts interleukin-15 release 05.04.2011
Cardio session after strength workout keeps arteries supple 08.03.2011
Interval cardio training eats up calories 12.02.2011
The rejuvenating effect of 45 minutes' running every day: animal study 28.01.2011
Your body burns unsaturated fat better after exercise 11.11.2010
Sprint training works better on a hill 26.08.2010
Post-cardio energy burning higher in thin athletes 19.08.2010
Cycling costs strength athletes less progression than running 22.07.2010
Endurance performance better late in the afternoon than early in the morning 03.07.2010
Runners' testes stay young 10.06.2010
Cardio works better the thinner you are 08.06.2010
Calorie burning a teeny bit easier on cross trainer than on treadmill 01.06.2010
It's healthier to run in the fields than on the treadmill 23.05.2010
Cardio training protects smokers and ex-smokers against lung cancer 06.05.2010
Study shows fat only shifts with intensive cardio 17.04.2010
Strength training combines better with endurance training than with interval training 08.04.2010
Running burns more fat than cycling 01.04.2010
Upbeat cardio session burns more fat 11.03.2010
Two half-hour jogging sessions more effective than one whole hour 10.03.2010
On the pill? Watch out for injuries 04.03.2010
Do your cardio after weight training and burn more fat 03.03.2010
Train your lungs and go faster 17.02.2010
Stretching between sprints better than rest 10.02.2010
Coffee stacked with synephrine and HCA boosts post-training energy burning 31.12.2009
Training in the afternoon slightly more effective than in the morning 11.12.2009
Weight loss with cardio requires four sessions a week 02.12.2009
Sauna has same effect as EPO 01.10.2009
Football players who do heavy squats jump higher and sprint faster 12.09.2009

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