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Q10 and selenium supplementation raises IGF-1 level by 20 percent

Supplementation with selenium - a trace element that most westerners don't consume enough of - and the co-enzyme Q10 boosts the IGF-1 level by almost twenty percent. Swedish researchers at the University of Linköping write about this in PLoS One. The doses that the researchers needed were modest but the supplementation period was long...

The researchers gave 215 elderly Swedes –-their average age was 76 - 200 mg Q10 and 200 mcg selenium every day for four years - or a placebo. The supplements that the researchers used came from Pharma Nord. That company was one of the financial sponsors of the study.

Q10 and selenium supplementation raises IGF-1 level by 20 percent

Just before starting supplementation and at the end of the supplementation period the researchers measured the concentration of IGF-1 in the participants' blood.

At the end of the four years the IGF-1 level in the placebo group [active group 0; blue line] had gone down slightly. In the supplementation group [active group 1; red line] the IGF-1 level had increased from 154 mcg IGF-1 per litre to 183 mcg per litre. The increase represented a statistically significant effect.

Q10 and selenium supplementation raises IGF-1 level by 20 percent

"IGF-1 has important functions in both cell growth and metabolism, but also in inflammation and antioxidative defense," wrote the researchers. "A decrease in IGF-1 has been reported with increased age, and also in advanced cardiovascular disease."

"From our studies on an elderly healthy Swedish population, we have reported in previous publications that more than 90 percent had suboptimal selenium status. [PLoS One. 2016; 11(7):e0157541.] The present evaluation shows that intervention with selenium and coenzyme Q10 resulted in increased levels of IGF1."

PLoS One. 2017 Jun 13;12(6):e0178614.

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