Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Growth Hormone & IGF-1

More IGF-1 and IGF-2 after heavy training due to supplementation with quercetin 29.11.2021
Anamorelin | Just like MK-677, but slightly different 30.10.2021
The side effects of SARMs and MK-677 are more similar to those of anabolic steroids than you think 21.10.2021
DHEA supplements increase IGF-1 levels 17.10.2020
Growth hormone therapy does not increase the risk of cancer 01.08.2020
Protein intake key factor in growth hormone's anabolic effect 29.07.2020
MSM, growth hormone and IGF-1 | Stronger bones, stronger muscles? 11.06.2020
Growth hormone is for sprinters 23.01.2020
Too little potassium in your diet, less IGF-1 in your muscles 14.12.2019
Raspberry ketone boosts skin's elasticity and stimulates hair growth 16.05.2019
Supplementation with green tea extract Greenselect Phytosome: more growth hormone and accelerated fat loss 10.06.2018
Alpha-Lipoic Acid fights carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms 02.06.2018
Q10 and selenium supplementation raises IGF-1 level by 20 percent 15.08.2017
Probiotics and tiny fatty acids boost IGF-1 levels 18.07.2017
Colostrum packed with IGF-1, WADA advises against use 04.08.2017
The training principle that increases strength athletes' growth hormone secretions by a factor 17 05.11.2015
Chin-Shin Oolong Tea contains growth hormone booster 02.10.2015
1g HMB raises bodybuilders' growth hormone and IGF-1 levels 23.04.2015
Lengthy cardio training stimulates growth hormone secretion more than strength training does 30.05.2014
Squat produces more growth hormone and testosterone than leg press 09.01.2014
Animal study: eleven hundred percent more testosterone and three hundred percent more growth hormone with Rubus coreanus 16.09.2013
Another sustained-release growth hormone in the pipeline: VRS-317 29.08.2013
Soon available worldwide: sustained-release growth hormone LB03002 22.08.2013
Extra high growth hormone peak with clever interval training 26.03.2013
Quarter of juicing bodybuilders use growth hormone 02.03.2013
Taking GHB every day won't boost your growth hormone secretion 14.02.2013
The short-lived effects of an anti-aging course of testosterone and growth hormone 12.02.2013
Growth hormone deficiency in boxers 20.11.2012
Secret weapon against sports injuries? It's called growth hormone 19.07.2012
Plant-based growth hormone booster: sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't 30.03.2012
Higher growth hormone peak makes hypoxia-gym training more effective 29.03.2012
600 mg glyceryl-phosphoryl-choline = more post-training growth hormone 05.01.2012
Handful of ornithine caps before strength training boosts GH level 23.08.2011
Fenugreek boosts growth hormone emission too 11.08.2011
Not fully recovered but training again? 15.06.2011
Drinking water during cardio raises your growth hormone level 11.02.2011
Capromorelin: Pfizer's oral growth hormone booster 25.01.2011
3N-GH lasts 24 times as long as regular growth hormone 07.12.2010
Study looks at effects of 16 weeks of growth hormone and testosterone 21.10.2010
GABA quadruples post-training GH production 09.06.2010
NO boosters taken before strength training lower GH peak 01.06.2010
Only pure protein causes GH peak 26.05.2010
Protein breakfast is an anabolic breakfast 25.05.2010
Study shows effect of six months on T-enanthate and Nutropin 11.05.2010
Reach your GH peak two hours after eating gelatine pudding 08.05.2010
Arginine supplements have anabolic effect on power lifters 16.04.2010
Endogenous growth hormone keeps older athletes young 09.04.2010
Growth hormone pill works 05.11.2009
Melatonin before cardio raises growth hormone release 29.05.2009
Why it's worth combining IGF-1 and GH 26.03.2009
Meditate for less cortisol, more testosterone and growth hormone after training 09.03.2009
Too much growth hormone reduces life expectancy 07.11.2008
Growth hormone won't give you definition when you're young 06.11.2008
Competitive bodybuilder became diabetic 16.09.2008
Lab test: no growth hormone in Hygetropin 15.09.2008