Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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More Q10, less fatigue | Metastudy 26.09.2023
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Magnesium and Q10 protect against covid 06.09.2021
Q10 improves survival odds in heart failure | Meta study 15.11.2020
Q10 and L-carnitine effective against migraine 13.05.2019
Q10 makes type-2 diabetics healthier 01.11.2018
Q10 may protect cartilage in the spine against decay 18.10.2018
Q10 analogue SkQ1 extends lifespan through the immune system 18.07.2018
After heart attack, Q10 makes the blood vessels healthier 14.05.2018
Improved Q10 analogue MitoQ rejuvenates old blood vessels in human study 24.04.2018
The anti-AGE-ing effect of olive oil 05.04.2018
Q10 makes cells more sensitive to insulin 15.02.2018
Q10 and selenium supplements halve chance of fatal cardiovascular disease 17.08.2017
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Creatine-Q10 combination protects brain cells and lengthens lifespan: animal study 15.07.2011
Q10 raises endurance (a little) in human study 16.09.2010
Q10 boosts endurance by 40 percent in animal study 31.08.2010
Q10 makes worms live longer 09.05.2010
Q10 combined with light exercise burns more fat 31.05.2009
Co-enzyme Q10 protects muscles of martial arts athletes at training camp 26.05.2009