Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Meta-study: a high vitamin D level helps you live longer 24.01.2015
The more anabolic hormones your body produces, the longer you live 29.11.2014
Animal study: low-carb diet with lots of saturated fats cuts life expectancy 20.11.2014
Optimal fruit and veg intake is a pound a day, says meta-study 18.11.2014
Exercise prevents creakiness and illness in old age 19.09.2014
Live 12 percent longer on a low-glycaemic diet 13.09.2014
Elite athletes live longer 05.09.2014
Cacao extends your life expectancy and keeps you sharp 16.08.2014
Loneliness makes stress even more unhealthy 15.08.2014
High blood pressure? Get fit and live longer 12.08.2014
A life with a purpose lasts longer 10.08.2014
Running just 5 to 10 minutes a day will lengthen your life 08.08.2014
Standing is healthier than sitting 02.07.2014
Diehards who hardly ever miss fitness training sessions live longer 26.06.2014
Diabetics live longer with physical exercise 25.06.2014
Muscle mass extends life expectancy 15.06.2014
You'll live longer if your diet contains lots of vitamin K 20.05.2014
Glucosamine, the life extender 22.04.2014
1973 animal study: DMAE extends lifespan 19.04.2014
Live longer? Don't take pills, eat more veg... 15.04.2014
Animal study: cranberries are an anti-aging drug 19.03.2014
Polyphenols in food extend life expectancy 08.02.2014
Six things you can do to if you want to live to a hundred 13.01.2014
More magnesium, longer life expectancy 27.12.2013
Magnesium-rich diet reduces mortality risk 10.11.2013
Tour de France cyclists live six years longer 19.10.2013
EGCG protects liver and kidneys, and extends life expectancy 04.08.2013
Sedentary lifestyle causes body to deteriorate faster 30.06.2013
More exercise improves quality of life on all fronts 28.06.2013
Positive emotions extend life expectancy by ten years 13.06.2013
Your word use reveals the age you are likely to reach 11.05.2013
Positive view of life after retirement extends life expectancy 29.04.2013
No fear in the face of aging extends life expectancy 23.04.2013
Sleep less and you're more likely to die 03.04.2013
Better health = more sex 15.02.2013
Glaucarubinone extends life expectancy and boosts metabolism 19.01.2013
Animal study: L-theanine extends life expectancy 21.12.2012
Child that still needs you lengthens your life expectancy 05.12.2012
Alpha-carotene: the life elixir in carrots 30.10.2012
Live longer with Horny Goat Weed 27.10.2012
The more muscle you have the longer you live 01.10.2012
Caffeine and paracetamol are longevity drugs 28.09.2012
Animal study: epicatechin from cacao extends life expectancy 18.07.2012
Join Greenpeace and double your chance of good health 15.07.2012
Coffee reduces mortality risk – but effect is minimal 01.07.2012
Dean Ornish diet makes your cells younger 17.06.2012
Vitamin S prolongs your life 16.06.2012
Combined effect of not smoking, healthy eating and exercise is tremendous 13.06.2012
Meditation delays molecular aging 12.06.2012
Lower your heart rate and live longer 22.05.2012
Just 15 minutes' walking per day extends life expectancy 14.05.2012
Contented men live longer, contented women don't 29.04.2012
Survival tip: eat chicken instead of beef 23.04.2012
Contented people live longer 22.04.2012
Walking, not running, delays cell aging 05.04.2012
Stay fit and untroubled by negative feelings for a long life 04.04.2012
Grow old healthily with green tea 11.03.2012
Watching TV is soooo bad for you 29.02.2012
Live longer with monounsaturated fatty acids 22.02.2012
Exercise delays aging as much as caloric restriction does 02.02.2012
Get fit, delay aging 30.01.2012
How beta-alanine can extend your life expectancy 27.01.2012
Being fit protects your cells from rusting 26.01.2012
High blood sugar level makes you look older 22.01.2012
Optimists live longer 24.12.2011
Yoga makes diabetics healthier 29.11.2011
Belief in a just world extends life expectancy 27.11.2011
Sleep better – live longer 25.11.2011
Forgive and live longer 28.10.2011
Probiotic bacteria LKM512 extends lifespan in animal study 24.10.2011
Animal study: Royal Jelly has life extending properties 18.10.2011
L-Arginine: 'the best anti-aging remedy' 02.10.2011
Test-tube study: ashwagandha inhibits Alzheimer's 10.08.2011
Live longer – take carnosine 04.08.2011
Creatine-Q10 combination protects brain cells and lengthens lifespan: animal study 15.07.2011
Fish oil helps aging mice live longer 02.07.2011
Hard workers live longer 12.06.2011
Supercentenarians are extremely healthy 06.06.2011
Why sculptors live longer than painters 03.06.2011
Afternoon nap helps you live longer 01.06.2011
Calorie burning reduces mortality in elderly 17.05.2011
Eat more beans and live longer 11.05.2011
Raise your VO2max to delay ageing 18.04.2011
Lithium in drinking water helps you live longer 16.04.2011
Nonagenarians with resilience will make it to 100 14.04.2011
Royal Jelly rejuvenates pituitary: animal study 02.04.2011
Four healthy habits can prolong your life by fourteen years 19.03.2011
The rejuvenating effect of 45 minutes' running every day: animal study 28.01.2011
So vitamin E does extend life expectancy… 27.11.2010
Carnosine extends lifespan in animal study 10.11.2010
BCAAs extend lifespan in animal study 28.10.2010
Elderly are fitter with Cordyceps sinensis 08.10.2010
Glucosamine and chondroitin users live longer 24.06.2010
Rhodiola rosea extends life in animal study 18.06.2010
Runners' testes stay young 10.06.2010
Drink green tea instead of water – and live longer 24.05.2010
Low-carb diet delays aging and promotes health 19.05.2010
Q10 makes worms live longer 09.05.2010
Diet of coffee, nuts and berries keeps you healthy 26.04.2010
Delay aging without hunger with life extenders in green apples 19.04.2010
Endogenous growth hormone keeps older athletes young 09.04.2010
Men who take ginseng live longer 19.03.2010
Animal study: Canadian longevity stacker works 05.03.2010
Human study: omega-3 fatty acids delay molecular ageing 08.02.2010
Fish oil lengthens life in animal study 07.02.2010
Curious? Then you'll live longer 16.12.2009
Stressed out? Your molecular clock is ticking faster 22.11.2009
High vitamin D level lengthens life expectancy of elderly Dutch 21.11.2009
Constant fight against appetite reduces life expectancy 09.11.2009
Stress reduces life expectancy at molecular level 07.11.2009
Animal study: melatonin extends lifespan 25.10.2009
Fish fatty acids reduce age-related physical performance decline 24.10.2009
Old muscles weaker, but tire less quickly than young ones 23.10.2009
How creatine lengthens your lifespan 20.10.2009
Melatonin keeps brain cells young 03.10.2009
Long marriage adds years to your life 18.09.2009
Drink three cups of tea a day and add five years to your life 11.09.2009
Life extending bacteria found in gut of Chinese centenarians 08.08.2009
Your initials determine how old you get 30.07.2009
Lecithin anti-aging supplement keeps hearing sharp 18.06.2009
Live ten years longer with just one multivitamin pill per day 06.06.2009
Life-extending effect of virgin olive oil shown in fat rats 22.05.2009
Daily dose of Echinacea lengthens life expectancy 24.04.2009
The less you sit, the older you'll get 21.04.2009
Animal study: nori contains life prolonging substance 06.04.2009
Vegetarianism is healthy, but not because of lack of animal protein 27.03.2009
Meditation lengthens lifespan 20.02.2009
Live longer with healthy fats 30.12.2008
Vitamin D delays aging at genetic level 28.12.2008
Physical exercise delays molecular aging by ten years 25.12.2008
How a low-carb diet helps against aging 23.12.2008
Vitamin D extends your life expectancy 22.12.2008
Too much growth hormone reduces life expectancy 07.11.2008
S-Words extend lifespan of writers and psychologists 11.10.2008
Creatine extends lifespan of mice 08.10.2008
Slim-waisted rats live longer 23.09.2008
Gingko lengthens rats' lifespan 12.09.2008
Strong men live longer 31.08.2008
Male orgasm prolongs life 23.08.2008
Ginkgo prolongs life 17.08.2008
Ginkgo protects the elderly against the first signs of Alzheimer's 16.08.2008