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Wobenzym, the enzymatic muscle protector for athletes

Athletes who have a strongman competition, a marathon or another demanding event ahead, and who are worries about the muscle pain that will inevitably follow this memorable event, may protect their muscles by using the German enyzme supplement Wobenzym. German researchers, affiliated with the Sportschule Fuerstenfeldbruck-Puch, report this in BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine.

The researchers had 28 healthy subjects aged 28-50 years on two occasions intensively train their legs in a way that guarantees severe muscle damage and pain. On one occasion, the subjects took a placebo 3 days before and 3 days after the exercise, the other time the they were given a supplement with enzymes.

The researchers used Wobenzym Plus, a product of the German Mucos Pharma. Each capsule Wobenzym Plus contains 90 milligrams of bromelain, 48 milligrams of trypsin and 100 milligrams of rutin. Bromelain and trypsin are enzymes that can cut proteins into smaller peaces. During the supplementation period, the subjects took 4 capsules of Wobenzym 3 times a day (12 caps daily).

That is, by the way, the twofold of the dosage that the manufacturer recommends.

Wobenzym, the enzymatic muscle protector for athletes

You have probably already guessed it. Mucos Pharma paid the research.

If the subjects were given a placebo, the strength [actually: the torque] that they could develop with their trained legs decreased drastically after the session. If they had used Wobenzym, this decrease was modest.

Wobenzym, the enzymatic muscle protector for athletes

After the session, the researchers also looked at the pain in the trained muscles. The subjects experienced less pain when they had used Wobenzym.

"Systemic enzyme therapy administered orally 72 hours before and 72 hours post exhaustive eccentric exercise resulted in higher maximal concentric strength [...] in subjects who were less experienced in resistance training", the researchers wrote.

"The potential role of systemic enzyme therapy in managing exercise-induced muscle damage and delayed onset of muscle sorenes across different training groups needs further investigation."

BMJ Open Sport Exerc Med 2017;2: e000191.

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