Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Genistein, capsaicin and EGCG inhibit fat cells via AMPK 03.08.2011
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Strength training + soya protein shake help women slim faster 28.07.2011
Slimming supplement synephrine works fine with naringin and hesperidin 27.07.2011
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Fan palm leaves have slimming effect 10.06.2011
Raspberry ketone: the fat burner 16.05.2011
Eucommia ulmoides burns fat via the autonomic nervous system 20.04.2011
Healthy slimming bacteria sabotages fat cells 07.04.2011
Animal study: less fat with fenugreek 05.03.2011
A multivitamin pill a day helps you maintain your weight 26.02.2011
Slimmers' breakfast: 550 milligrams calcium and 9 micrograms vitamin D 23.02.2011
Caralluma fimbriata reduces daily calorie intake by 200 kcal 22.02.2011
Your body burns more fat with BCAA isoleucine 20.02.2011
Caralluma fimbriata has hoodia-like appetite-suppressant effect: animal study 19.02.2011
Leucine supplement boosts fat burning 07.02.2011
The extraordinary weight-loss mechanism of Hemerocallis fulva 20.01.2011
Evodiamine for weight loss 16.01.2011
One and a half grams HCA has no effect at all 09.01.2011
Aminophylline gel reduces belly fat 28.12.2010
Brassica campestris extract protects against overweight 24.12.2010
Two studies on slimming supplement calcium pyruvate 20.12.2010
Cirsium oligophyllum extract enhances slimming effect of caffeine 14.12.2010
Take 8 mg fucoxanthin and burn 457 kcal extra a day 24.11.2010
Resveratrol versus the spare winter tyre 19.11.2010
Burn 60 kcal a day more with dihydrocapsiate 17.11.2010
Vinegar as a slimming aid 14.11.2010
Six weeks of fish oil: lose a pound of fat and gain a pound of lean body mass 12.11.2010
Alpha-Lipoic acid has positive and negative effects on body composition 03.11.2010
Forskolin: slimming aid and T-booster all in one 02.11.2010
After 432 days of taking chitosan you'd be 1 kg lighter 24.10.2010
Lose 13 kg in 10 weeks with Irvingia gabonensis 17.06.2010
Extra vitamin D: more muscle, less fat 31.05.2010
Slimming pills in online shops contain sibutramine and carcinogenic laxative 29.05.2010
Green tea stackers don't work without exercise 13.05.2010
Weight loss a little easier with vegetable juice 25.04.2010
An extra gram of calcium daily and a kilogram less fat after a year 23.04.2010
Metastudy: slimming supplements with green tea do work 27.03.2010
Low doses of ecdysteroids promote muscle building 24.03.2010
Bodybuilder in coma from overdose of yohimbine 18.03.2010
CLA as unhealthy as synthetic trans fatty acids 16.03.2010
Ephedra-free Lipo-6x stacker causes heart attack 05.02.2010
Coffee stacked with synephrine and HCA boosts post-training energy burning 31.12.2009
Drop of vinegar before sleeping may improve body composition 29.12.2009
Tweaked soya isoflavone is slimming aid 23.12.2009
Bodybuilders progress faster with 5 grams CLA daily 15.12.2009
Weight loss with chlorella 14.12.2009
Phenol in cocoa has same effect as clenbuterol 13.12.2009
EGCG and caffeine mix increases body's energy burning by 178 kcal 29.11.2009
Caffeine is most effective slimming component 25.11.2009
Quercetin plus adrenalin squeezes fat cells dry 04.09.2009
Resveratrol and quercetin cocktail kills fat cells 02.09.2009
St John's Wort makes fat cells resistant to insulin 25.08.2009
Course of quercetin raises metabolism 18.08.2009
Weight loss faster with vitamin D 11.07.2009
Stack CLA and L-arginine: more muscle, less fat 09.06.2009
Q10 combined with light exercise burns more fat 31.05.2009
Melatonin before cardio raises growth hormone release 29.05.2009
Fat burner carnitine needs carbohydrates 06.05.2009
Dietary supplements containing sibutramine claim victims 19.04.2009
Curcumin, the herbal clenbuterol 12.04.2009
Too much lecithin causes blood cells to explode 05.04.2009
Combination of Hydroxycut and painkillers destroys muscles 02.04.2009
More arginine more muscles, less fat 24.02.2009
Why coffee drinkers and stacker users sometimes get the shakes 18.02.2009
Green tea works better without protein 09.02.2009
Human study: weight loss slightly faster with green tea 03.02.2009
CLA and EGCG promising super stack in small trial 02.02.2009
Ecdysteroids curb growth of fat tissue 24.01.2009
Sinetrol: lose a pound a week with orange supplement 23.01.2009
Weight loss with capsinoids 16.01.2009
StarCaps diet pills contain diuretic bumetanide 04.11.2008
Fish oil capsules reduce fat rolls 01.11.2008
Weight loss supplement contains clenbuterol 28.10.2008
Junk food less fattening with vitamin C 16.10.2008
Vitamin D speeds up fat breakdown during weight loss 09.09.2008