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Velositol gives tiny amount of protein more anabolic effect

A miniscule amount of protein has a bigger anabolic effect when it's combined with a little bit of fast absorbing carbohydrates and chrome compounds. Researchers at the Center for Applied Health Sciences [] - a company that does research for manufacturers - write about it in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. The mix of carbs and chrome that was studied is marketed as Velositol.

Velositol is a product made by the American company Nutrition 21. A standard dose of 2 g contains 1.8 g of the fast absorbing carbohydrate amylopectin and 1 mg of the chrome-based compounds chromium picolinate and chromium histidinate. According to Nutrition 21, high doses of chrome compounds improve the functioning of insulin receptors, and supplementation using these substances can build muscle mass and reduce fat mass.

Velositol gives tiny amount of protein more anabolic effect

Whether this really is the case, we don't know. [Ann Agric Environ Med. 2014;21(2):331-5.] Nutrition 21 has funded research that backs up these claims, but non-sponsored studies show no effect. The study that this post is about was sponsored by Nutrition 21.

By the way, you can already buy Velositol products from online stores, and more products are likely to be available soon. In March 2017 supplements giant Glanbia announced that it would be putting Velositol into a number of its products. [ 07-Mar-2017]

The researchers gave ten young men and women breakfast first thing in the morning consisting of 6 g whey [WP] or - on another occasion - 6 g whey plus 2 g Velositol [WPACr]. After this the participants had to train their upper leg muscles. They did 8 sets of 10 reps on a leg extension machine.

In the hours after the workout the researchers took samples of muscle tissue from the participants' leg muscles and measured the amount of muscle protein the muscle cells had built up.

The addition of Velositol boosted the participants' anabolism.

Velositol gives tiny amount of protein more anabolic effect

"In conclusion, this study demonstrates that the addition of the amylopectin/chromium-containing complex to a suboptimal dose of whey protein improves the muscle anabolism response to acute resistance exercise beyond that of the protein dose alone in young, healthy subjects," the researchers wrote.

"The fitness and athletic communities could potentially benefit from our findings through identification of means to drive muscle anabolism while reducing the overall daily caloric load."

"Additionally, the aging and insulin resistant populations are particularly intriguing candidates for translation of this line of research into practice. In particular, the aged have previously been shown to exhibit a certain level of anabolic resistance to the stimulatory effect of amino acids resulting in larger doses of the essential amino acids and intact proteins required to stimulate maximal rates of muscle protein synthesis. This is problematic given evidence suggesting that protein intake in the elderly is reduced."

"Future research should confirm these data and seek to better understand the mechanisms responsible for the observed results."

J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2017 Feb 8;14:6.

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