Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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High-protein intake not harmful for bodybuilders' bones 21.12.2011
Protein diet protects against cancer: animal study 08.10.2011
Anti-cancer supplements need plant-based proteins to be effective 21.09.2011
Magnesium makes protein supplements less dangerous, study suggests 04.09.2011
Strength training + soya protein shake help women slim faster 28.07.2011
Plant protein spares kidneys 26.07.2011
Protein helps muscles grow faster up to 24 hours after strength training 16.06.2011
Hybrid protein shake lowers estradiol 11.06.2011
Hemp protein is every bit as good as protein in beans 15.04.2011
Does more protein increase the chance of diabetes? 09.04.2011
High-protein diet: slim faster without losing strength 24.03.2011
Soya protein reduces androgen's side effects, leaves anabolic effect intact 13.03.2011
Grass carp peptides boost stamina 10.03.2011
BCAAs still useful even if you already use protein supplements 18.02.2011
The combined effect of whey, creatine and glucose 02.02.2011
Dipeptides in whey hydrolysate are glucose boosters 31.01.2011
Best post-workout shake? Whey and casein cocktail 17.12.2010
Fast protein snack after training? There's room for improvement 06.12.2010
Five months of strength training with and without whey 04.12.2010
Whey is more effective before a workout than after 02.12.2010
Cardio exercise burns more fat with protein-rich diet 08.11.2010
Why it's okay to take fish oil capsules at the same time as a protein shake 04.11.2010
Follow a protein diet and your energy intake will drop by 500 kcal 25.10.2010
Soya protein and casein equally good for muscles 25.09.2010
Young kidneys function fine on a protein diet, old kidneys don't 20.08.2010
Low-carb protein diet causes muscles to grow without training 13.08.2010
What happens if you go on a meat-only diet for a year? 23.07.2010
Pre-digested protein during workout stimulates muscle growth 16.07.2010
The effect of a litre of skimmed milk after a workout 30.06.2010
Only pure protein causes GH peak 26.05.2010
Protein breakfast is an anabolic breakfast 25.05.2010
Medical study: protein builds more muscle mass with fish oil 10.05.2010
Reach your GH peak two hours after eating gelatine pudding 08.05.2010
Soya protein and whey mix makes best pre-workout shake 15.04.2010
Protein diet not bad for bones 14.04.2010
Lose weight but keep good humoured with protein-rich diet 06.04.2010
Two glasses of soya milk a day maintains bone mass 04.02.2010
Eighteen grams of whey before training increases your fat burning 12.01.2010
Milk instead of cola raises IGF-1 level 07.01.2010
Dieting bodybuilders retain muscle with high protein foods 18.12.2009
Weight loss faster with lean fish than lean meat 27.11.2009
Help! Protein diet shrinks your brain! 10.11.2009
Casein shake just before training doesn't work well 16.10.2009
Vegetarian top athlete gets rhabdomyolysis 25.09.2009
Thirty or ninety grams of meat protein: it makes no difference to muscle fibre production 15.09.2009
Animal protein builds muscle mass plant protein doesn't 08.09.2009
Soya milk reduces chance of prostate cancer 22.08.2009
Metastudy: soya does not lower men's testosterone level 27.07.2009
Put on weight easily? Casein is better than whey 14.07.2009
Vegetarianism is healthy, but not because of lack of animal protein 27.03.2009
Bad breath from proteins? Green tea helps 24.03.2009
Getting older? Extra leucine boosts anabolic stimulus of proteins 07.03.2009
Test confuses bodybuilding with alcoholism 06.03.2009
Steroids and protein shakes keep old people out of hospital 21.02.2009
Green tea works better without protein 09.02.2009
HMB inhibits protein metabolism, animal study shows 09.01.2009
Cyclists recover quicker with protein and sugar shake 08.01.2009
Optimal protein dose after weight training is twenty grams 19.12.2008
Cod-based protein diet reduces inflammation 11.12.2008
Chewing better increases amino acid uptake from meat 02.12.2008
Protein in sterilised milk is a little faster 30.11.2008
Anti-oxidants stimulate manufacture of muscle protein in elderly 05.11.2008
Bodybuilder gets jaundice from creatine and protein supplements 31.10.2008
Spirulina more anabolic than casein 18.10.2008
Bamboo protein causes super-rat plague 19.09.2008
They exist mammoth vegan bodybuilders 22.08.2008