Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Three grams of Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate before you work out has no effect 17.08.2012
You'll get more out of your plyometrics with BCAAs 04.07.2012
Dash of melatonin boosts post-training GH 09.03.2012
Goji protects muscle cells against exhaustion 21.02.2012
Seniors who take fish oil supplements react better to strength training 20.02.2012
After a workout half a litre of milk is enough 09.02.2012
600 mg glyceryl-phosphoryl-choline = more post-training growth hormone 05.01.2012
Protein helps muscles grow faster up to 24 hours after strength training 16.06.2011
Small amount of BCAAs and L-arginine prevents cardio-induced muscle breakdown 04.03.2011
BCAAs still useful even if you already use protein supplements 18.02.2011
5 g BCAAs before training = less muscle soreness 03.02.2011
The combined effect of whey, creatine and glucose 02.02.2011
Mix of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins improves bodybuilders' body composition 18.01.2011
Best post-workout shake? Whey and casein cocktail 17.12.2010
Fast protein snack after training? There's room for improvement 06.12.2010
Five months of strength training with and without whey 04.12.2010
Whey is more effective before a workout than after 02.12.2010
Your body burns unsaturated fat better after exercise 11.11.2010
Carb and caffeine combo speeds up post-training muscle recovery 12.10.2010
Post-diet weight gain not a problem for strength athletes 11.10.2010
L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate restores muscles after training 24.09.2010
Carnitine plus a meal boosts post-workout testosterone uptake 10.09.2010
Oxidised amino acids during intensive training 18.08.2010
Leucine increases anabolic effect of post-training meal by 16 percent 16.08.2010
Strength athletes can boost immune system with cystine and theanine 06.08.2010
Pre-digested protein during workout stimulates muscle growth 16.07.2010
The effect of a litre of skimmed milk after a workout 30.06.2010
Muscle fibres grow faster with 40 g sugars during strength training 16.06.2010
GABA quadruples post-training GH production 09.06.2010
Strength athletes train better with citrulline malate 05.06.2010
NO boosters taken before strength training lower GH peak 30.05.2010
BCAAs plus glutamine raise testosterone levels in bodybuilders 15.05.2010
Soya protein and whey mix makes best pre-workout shake 15.04.2010
Black tea reduces muscle soreness after training 20.03.2010
Cocoa lightens exercise load for heart 12.03.2010
How to combine creatine and caffeine and how not to 19.02.2010
Eighteen grams of whey before training increases your fat burning 12.01.2010
Enzyme supplement speeds up muscle recovery 25.12.2009
Energy drink enhances effect of training schedule 08.11.2009
Casein shake just before training doesn't work well 16.10.2009
Red Bull is painkiller 19.09.2009
Megadose of caffeine before training raises testosterone level 25.07.2009
Turmeric reduces post power training muscle damage 24.07.2009
More testosterone, less cortisol after training with phosphatidylserine 04.06.2009
Melatonin before cardio raises growth hormone release 29.05.2009
Drinking alcohol after training inhibits muscle growth 18.03.2009
Optimal protein dose after weight training is twenty grams 19.12.2008
Green tea contains insulin booster 08.11.2008