Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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NO Shotgun works, says study

NO Shotgun works, says study
NO Shotgun is a complex supplement aimed at strength athletes. It's made by VPX Pharmaceuticals, and packed with amino acids, creatine and minerals. Take a spoonful of NO Shotgun before you train and you grow faster, according to a study done at Baylor University and published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

NO Shotgun
If you follow the manufacturer's instructions, you need to take 27 g NO Shotgun powder half an hour before each training session. It contains BCAAs essential amino acids with anti-catabolic properties , insulin mimicker vanadium, creatine analogues, amino acids that are precursors of nitric oxide [NO], stimulants such as caffeine and evodiamine, and magnesium [good for everything].

The amino acids that convert into NO are the most important ingredient in NO Shotgun. NO is a free radical that has mainly positive health effects. In muscle cells NO increases the uptake of sugars, reduces the conversion of proteins into energy and stimulates the development of stem cells in ordinary muscle cells. Less NO, less hypertrophy. If you give lab animals or humans supplements containing amino acids that convert into NO, they become slimmer and more muscled.

NO Shotgun works, says study

The researchers got 18 students to do weight training for 4 weeks. The students were healthy and physically active, but had never done intensive strength training before. They went to a gym 4 times a week, where they did 16 basic exercises to train the most important muscles in their bodies at 70 percent of their 1RM. Half of the subjects took a portion of NO Shotgun before each training session, and the other half took nothing.

The table below summarises what happened to the body composition of the test subjects in the four weeks of the trial. The changes are given as a percentage.

NO Shotgun works, says study

NO Shotgun caused an increase in production of the signal proteins Myo-D and MRF-4 in the muscle tissue of the subjects. This suggests that stem cells were activated.

NO Shotgun works, says study

It all sounds great. But if the fabulously expensive NO Shotgun works, couldn't you achieve the same effect by just taking citrulline plus caffeine? It'd be much cheaper.

The researchers did not look at those possibilities. And coincidentally they were financed by VPX Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of NO Shotgun. What's more, team leader Darryn Willoughby received "financial remuneration from VPX", we are told in the article. Could be anything: a salary, fees, shares or a bonus.

Oh well.

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