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Judokas can manage just fine without creatine malate

Judokas can manage just fine without creatine malate
According to sports supplement manufacturers, creatine malate makes athletes stronger and faster, but not heavier. The latter claim is true backed up in a study done by researchers at the University School of Physical Education in Krakow, Poland. But for the other claims the Poles, who used judokas as test subjects, found no proof.

Creatine malate is not a chemical compound, but a mixture of two substances: creatine [above right] and malate [above left]. According to supplements manufacturers, muscle cells absorb the creatine in creatine malate better, and creatine malate users don't retain fluid. Whether this is indeed so, we don't know. There are publications that would suggest this is the case, but they are in the Polish scientific media and remain inaccessible to us.

Creatine malate is found in a number of preparations including TCM which is produced by the Polish manufacturer Olimp. This is also the product that the researchers used in their studies of 10 judokas, aged from 17-28. Five subjects were given 5 g creatine malate [T] per day for six weeks; five others were given a placebo [C].

The table below shows that creatine malate did not increase the judokas' bodyweight.

Judokas can manage just fine without creatine malate

The researchers tested their subjects' anaerobic capacity and aerobic power before and after the supplementation period. The effect of the supplementation was almost zero. The researchers also tested the judokas using their own Special Judo Fitness Test. The results of this test also showed that creatine malate had no effect.

Judokas can manage just fine without creatine malate

The researchers put it down to the fact that judo is a sport where coordination is so important that the effect of creatine malate is invisible.

Of course you could also conclude that creatine malate does nothing at all. For judokas at least.

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