Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Hypoxia & Kaatsu

Strength training in a hypoxia tent results in more muscle mass and more fat loss 07.11.2020
At 5 km above sea level Ampelopsis grossedentata boosts sports performance 18.08.2014
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Bodybuilders grow five times faster in hypoxia gym 29.06.2011
Regular strength training more effective than Kaatsu training 31.03.2011
Blood-flow restriction weight training destroys ice hockey player's muscles 12.09.2010
Kaatsu bench press: more pecs with less weight 15.08.2010
Calves grow quicker if you restrict the blood supply 29.01.2010
Oxygen shortage makes strength training more effective 28.01.2010
Restricted muscles grow faster 15.03.2009
Restricting blood flow makes muscles grow 14.02.2009