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Fortetropin, the myostatin inhibitor in MYO-X
Fortetropin, the myostatin inhibitor in MYO-X

Myos Corp's bodybuilding supplement MYO-X can be found in virtual and analogue stores. It contains an extract from fertilised chickens' eggs, which, according to the manufacturer, inhibits the protein myostatin in the body - and as a result stimulates muscle growth. This may well indeed be the case, write American scientists in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

The researchers divided 37 male students, all of whom were experienced in resistance training, into three groups. All the men followed the same training schedule for 12 weeks.

One group of students used 1 scoop of MYO-X every day. That amounted to 6.6 g Fortetropin [a complex of fats and proteins from fertilised eggs] and 4.4 g fructose and dextrose. A second group got 1 scoops of MYO-X, and a third group got a macronutrient-matched placebo. What exactly the macronutrient-matched placebo contained the researchers do not reveal.


The participants who got MYO-X built up more lean body mass, lost more fat tissue and gained more muscle mass than the participants in the placebo group. A relatively low dose of MYO-X [1 scoop/day] worked just as well as a relatively high dose [3 scoops/day].

Fortetropin, the myostatin inhibitor in MYO-X

Fortetropin, the myostatin inhibitor in MYO-X

Fortetropin, the myostatin inhibitor in MYO-X

Fortetropin, the myostatin inhibitor in MYO-X

The researchers observed no effects of MYO-X on strength.

The concentration of myostatin decreased in the blood of the participants who had used MYO-X.

Fortetropin, the myostatin inhibitor in MYO-X

The researchers also did animal studies, which enabled them to work out how Fortetropin works at molecular level.

Fortetropin, the myostatin inhibitor in MYO-X

"Our human clinical trial showed that Fortetropin supplementation resulted in positive changes in muscle thickness and lean body mass in healthy resistance-trained young males," summarised the researchers.

"In addition, future research should be focused on further elucidating the underlying mechanism of these outcomes and determining the effect of Fortetropin supplementation on other populations susceptible to accelerated muscle loss."

Oh yes
We almost forgot to say... Myos Corp, the manufacturer of MYO-X, sponsored the study.

J Am Coll Nutr. 2016 Nov-Dec;35(8):679-91.

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