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Case study: clomiphene normalises bodybuilder's hormone levels

In 1995 a second-year medical student scored a scientific first. Carol Bickelman, still studying at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, published in the Western Journal of Medicine the first medical study that described how a chemical bodybuilder restored his hormone levels that had dropped after a heavy course of steroids, by using the anti-oestrogen fertility medicine clomiphene citrate. [structural formula shown below].

Case study: clomiphene normalises bodybuilder's hormone levels

Case study: clomiphene normalises bodybuilder's hormone levels
[Eight years later, doctors from Houston claimed the same first. Their case was more serious.] [Fertil Steril. 2003 Jan;79(1):203-5.]

The competitive bodybuilder in Bickelman's study was 29 and had just finished an 8-month long course of steroids. He had used 1500-1800 mg testosterone cypionate per week and 80 mg oxymetholone per day. [Strange dose for oxy. Maybe it was oxandrolone? - Ed.]

After his steroids course the guy was impotent, and treated this by taking a four-week course of hCG injections to no effect.

After about a year the bodybuilder was still suffering from impotence, and he went to see a doctor. The doctor noted that the man was muscular, that his testicles were small [volume: 10 ml] and that he had 2 cm gynos around his nipples.

The man's LH and FSH production was low, as was his concentration of free testosterone. The doctors prescribed 50 mg clomiphene daily. It didn't help much. He had a morning erection, but was still impotent. Only when the bodybuilder doubled the dose to 100 mg clomiphene per day was he capable of daily sex after a month. His testicles remained small, but his hormone levels improved.

Case study: clomiphene normalises bodybuilder's hormone levels

Six months later the doctors examined the bodybuilder again. "He had returned to the illicit use of testosterone cypionate at 400 mg per week to achieve a level of sexual performance three times that achieved with clomiphene alone. He noted that his testes were smaller, and he was considering trying another course of hCG in combination with tamoxifen to prevent worsening gynecomastia."

West J Med. 1995 February; 162(2): 158160.

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