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Anabolic Burner contains clenbuterol

One tablet of Anabolic Burner, a slimming supplement produced by Beach Power, contains thirty micrograms of clenbuterol, doping hunters from the German Sport University Cologne report in Biomedical Chromatography.

Anabolic Burner contains clenbuterol
All sorts of medicines and forbidden doping substances have been found in supplements in recent years. Laboratories have recently found unknown Viagra-like substances in sex supplements, unknown anabolic steroids in supplements for bodybuilders, appetite suppressants in slimming tea and designer amphetamines in energy supplements. The discovery of clenbuterol in a supplement – made by Wilhelm Schaenzer’s research group – is new.

It was known that some supplements companies mess around with clenbuterol. Men's Health announced some months ago that a company secretly added clenbuterol to its protein powder as long ago as the nineties.

The Germans picked up on Anabolic Burner after a bank employee had bought it on the internet in 2007. After taking a tab the man started to shake. When they did a urine test researchers found clenbuterol.

"The product Anabolic Burner of the brand name natural steroid was ordered on a German hotline telephone number from a company named Beach Power", the researchers wrote. "It was sent by regular mail from a German consignor in 2007. The active ingredient was labeled as: 30 microgram Clenbuterol Enetat."

The manufacture praised the product, saying it was a "slimming product combined with muscle building anabolic effects".

The researchers were shocked at their findings. "The results of this study again show the insufficient surveillance of the production of and trade in dietary supplements", they write in the last paragraph of their article. "Consumers should be aware of the enormous health and doping risks connected with the use of such products. New regulations for trade, production and labeling should be adopted. The first step should be a public warning of the consumers and the withdrawal of 'dietary supplements' containing prescription drugs."

This is of course true, but if you want to nitpick you can wonder whether Beach Power put its Anabolic Burner on the market as a supplement. The manufacturer’s website makes no bones about the fact that the product contains clenbuterol.

Anabolic Burner contains clenbuterol

But Beach Power produces other products that are apparently nothing out of the ordinary. Nevertheless the manufacturer warns against using them together with Anabolic Burner. "Avoid the combination of this article with Anabolic Booster, Genopin, Hercules Pak and Hercules Burner", the site says.


Maybe it's better not to nitpick. Let's just say the Germans are right.

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