Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Red Pepper & Capsinoids

Strength training results in more muscle mass and strength if you supplement with capsiate 14.09.2021
More chili, longer life 09.07.2021
Red pepper makes muscles stronger 13.12.2018
Just one capsaicin capsule improves 1500 meter times 08.02.2018
Longevity tip: eat spicy foods 2-3 times a week 15.01.2018
15 mg capsaicin taken before workout makes more intensive strength training possible 22.08.2017
Superior weight-loss diet: high protein plus capsaicin supplements 22.05.2015
Capsaicin keeps metabolic rate high during weight loss diet 09.05.2015
Paprika protects against Parkinson's 05.02.2015
Weight-loss regime plus raspberry ketone-caffeine-capsaicin cocktail burns more fat and builds more muscle 06.01.2014
On a diet? Capsaicin keeps your testosterone level up 23.11.2012
Genistein, capsaicin and EGCG inhibit fat cells via AMPK 03.08.2011
Burn 60 kcal a day more with dihydrocapsiate 17.11.2010
Weight loss with capsinoids 16.01.2009