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Cancer Prevention & Survival

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Biggest meta-study so far: coffee protects against five kinds of cancer 02.03.2017
Which diet reduces chance of fatal heart attacks, strokes and cancer? 23.01.2017
Half an hour exercise a day? Make that three hours... 20.12.2016
Fatty acid composition in diet is a factor in prostate cancer metastases 12.11.2016
Low-inflammatory-index diet protects against cancer 07.06.2016
Lemon balm kills cancer cells 29.05.2016
Tinned fruit is not healthy 07.04.2016
Whether you do a little or a lot, exercise is always healthy 17.10.2015
Lignan in Arctium lappa makes fasting deadlier for cancer cells 28.09.2015
Diet with lots of vegetables reduces risk of mortality and cancer 22.08.2015
Good sleep reduces chance of prostate cancer 17.08.2015
Supplements only likely to help cancer survivors on a healthy diet 22.07.2015
Omega 3 fatty acids reduce cancer mortality 04.02.2015
Cancer prevention: optimal fruit and veg intake is a pound a day, says meta-study 18.11.2014
Every 10 g carrot reduces chance of prostate cancer by 5 percent 08.11.2014
Garlic, prostate cancer and Death Receptor-4 05.11.2014
Vitamin C boosts breast cancer survival chances 07.10.2014
Irisin is the reason that exercise protects against cancer 26.09.2014
Running better than walking for breast cancer patients 31.05.2014
Walking and running can halve the chance of brain cancer 18.05.2014
Strength training speeds up cancer patients' recovery 11.05.2014
Bowel cancer less likely to develop in asparagus lovers 23.04.2014
Phytochemical 'super-cocktail' tames cancer cells 12.04.2014
Animal study: spirulina helps prevent breast cancer 04.04.2014
Aromatase inhibitors give women more muscle mass 24.03.2014
How propolis kills breast cancer cells 23.02.2014
How propolis kills breast cancer cells 23.02.2014
Anacardic acid: the anti-oestrogen in cashew nuts 03.02.2014
Quercetin boosts inhibitory effect of green tea for prostate cancer 27.01.2014
Eat nuts or peanuts, protect yourself against cancer, and live longer 28.12.2013
Piceatannol inhibits spread of prostate cancer 23.09.2013
Strength training helps women recovering from breast cancer stay attractive and healthy 14.08.2013
Soya protein boosts breast cancer survival chances 17.03.2013
How a soya and vitamin D combination kills prostate cancer cells 10.03.2013
High vitamin D level multiplies survival chances of cancer patients 04.03.2013
Cabbage halves prostate cancer risk 10.02.2013
Chicken and egg reduce chances of surviving prostate cancer 06.02.2013
Cabbage can help prostate cancer survival 27.01.2013
Prostate cancer grows half as fast in walkers 20.01.2013
Chlorella fortifies immune system 02.12.2012
Echinacea kills colon cancer cells 27.11.2012
Strength training and cardio during chemotherapy 25.11.2012
Mushrooms, green tea reduce chance of breast cancer by factor of 10 13.10.2012
Fish oil makes life more difficult for cancer secondaries 26.08.2012
'Physical activity should be a standard part of cancer care' 22.08.2012
Each little zolpidem pill increases your cancer risk 13.08.2012
Metastudy: selenium helps prevent prostate cancer 12.08.2012
Withholding vitamin supplement helps to control prostate cancer 28.07.2012
Strength training helps cancer patients get back to work 17.07.2012
Meditation delays molecular aging 12.06.2012
Grape Seed Extract inhibits 'genetically inevitable' prostate cancer 14.07.2012
Trees protect against cancer 10.07.2012
Prostate cancer cells die in the blood of active people 07.06.2012
Bootcamp during chemo boosts your chances 19.05.2012
Just 15 minutes' walking per day extends life expectancy 14.05.2012
One hour walking a day increases survival chances of colorectal cancer patients 08.05.2012
Isoflavone + curcumin cocktail cuts chance of prostate cancer 18.03.2012
Resveratrol and Grape Seed Extract protect against skin cancer 02.03.2012
Watching TV is soooo bad for you 29.02.2012
Goji inhibits prostate cancer in animal study 26.02.2012
Animal study: carnosine slows down tumour growth 25.01.2012
Gallic acid is the anti-cancer agent in Grape Seed Extract 12.11.2011
Grape Seed Extract protects against prostate cancer 11.11.2011
Grape Seed Extract protects against skin cancer 29.10.2011
Protein diet protects against cancer: animal study 08.10.2011
Ginger prostate cancer inhibitor 07.10.2011
Resveratrol is an anti-oestrogen 27.09.2011
Why raloxifene is safer than tamoxifen 26.09.2011
Anti-cancer supplements need plant-based proteins to be effective 21.09.2011
Magnesium makes protein supplements less dangerous, study suggests 04.09.2011
Curcumin, isoflavone and androgen mix protects prostate 03.09.2011
Nandrolone and stanozolol damage bodybuilders' DNA 22.08.2011
Single deca injection causes genetic damage in animal test 20.08.2011
Testosterone raises chance of breast cancer 12.12.2010
Fish oil capsules protect against breast cancer 21.08.2010
Glucosamine inhibits tough kinds of cancer 11.08.2010
Glucosamine and chondroitin protect against lung and bowel cancer 06.07.10
Gentle exercise and healthy diet increase breast cancer survival chance 01.07.2010
Cardio training protects smokers and ex-smokers against lung cancer 06.05.2010
Strong muscles protect against cancer 12.11.2009
Soya milk reduces chance of prostate cancer 22.08.2009
Meditation protects against cancer and heart attack 26.02.2009
Fish fatty acids keep prostate cancer under control 28.11.2008