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Andropeak: anabolic furostanols from fenugreek

Andropeak: anabolic furostanols from fenugreek
The manufacturers of Testofen have put a new supplement on the market. Andropeak contains furostanols from the plant Trigonella foenum-graecum. According to an Indian animal study, Andropeak has an anabolic effect.

Testofen, an extract from Trigonella foenum-graecum, is made by Indus Biotech Private Limited. The manufacturer claims that Testofen boosts testosterone levels, but it has no studies to back this up. The manufacturers of Testofen do refer to Tribulus terrestris. The components of Trigonella foenum-graecum resemble those of Tribulus terrestris, according to the manufacturers. If Tribulus terrestris boosts testosterone levels, then Testofen must do that too.

Watertight reasoning. It's just a shame that Tribulus terrestris has no hormonal effect whatsoever.

When researchers gave the new fenugreek extract Andropeak to young castrated male rats, in daily doses of 10 and 35 mg/kg bodyweight, nothing at all happened to their testosterone levels.

Andropeak: anabolic furostanols from fenugreek

The animals did put on weight though, and their levator ani muscle grew too. This muscle is a classic indicator of anabolic activity.

Andropeak: anabolic furostanols from fenugreek

Andropeak: anabolic furostanols from fenugreek

No effects were observed on the seminal vesicles or on the prostate, so Andropeak has no androgenic effects. It's bound to be hit in supplements land, you'd think.

And lo and behold! Take a quick surf to the site.

In their publication the researchers claim "that there is no conflict of interest." But it's interesting to note that the "necessary facilities to carry out the study" were provided by Indus Biotech Private Limited, the manufacturer of both Testofen and Andropeak.

Exactly how Andropeak works, the researchers cannot say. They speculate that the preparation detaches testosterone from the transporter molecule SHBG, which boosts the amount of active testosterone in the lab animals. But they did not examine whether this is actually the case.

We have a theory too. Fenugreek stimulates the appetite. The rats put on weight, and their levator ani grew too as their bellies got fatter.

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