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S7h, a novel anabolic steroid?

S7h, a novel anabolic steroid?
It is high summer, internet traffic is reduced to almost zero and so we allow ourselves a holiday. We do what we love to do - wasting our time in the electric library, and delving into things that no sensible person is interested in. We came across an article that two Egyptian chemists published in 2000 in Scientia Pharmazeutica. The Egyptians made new anabolic steroids by modifying the DHT molecule. One of them - S7h - is very interesting...

The Egyptians describe in their publication the 4 anabolic steroids that you see below. They have in common that they have a DHT skeleton, and that the Egyptians have introduced some chemical groups to the D-ring.

S7h, a novel anabolic steroid?

The most interesting substance that the Egyptians synthesized - S7h - is the simplest.

Animal study
The Egyptians tested the biological effect of their new anabolic steroids with a variant of the Hershberger assay, using 21-day-old prepubescent male Wistar rats. The researchers injected the animals daily with unmodified testosterone, S7h, S13d, S25c or S33g at a dose of 0.7 milligrams per kilogram per day. A control group received injections without active substances.

All compounds had an anabolic effect, but S7h was the best in the study. Administration of S7h increased the body weight of the test animals by 296 percent relative to the control group. The effect of S7h on the levator ani muscle [] was 246 percent greater than that of testosterone.

S7h, a novel anabolic steroid?

At the same time, S7h had less effect on the size of the prostate than all other substances administered. This suggests that S7h has relatively few unwanted androgenic side effects.

Finally, S7h had relatively little effect on the endogenous production of LH and testosterone.

Nice. Very nice.

S7h, a novel anabolic steroid?

Sci. Pharm. 2000, 68, 141-57.

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