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This is what 15 mg Dbol a day does to your sperm

You read little in medical handbooks about the effects of anabolic steroids on sperm quality. Most attention is focused on sperm count. Nevertheless, it appears that steroids not only reduce quantity but also the quality of sperm. Even a modest course of methandienone - active compound in Dianabol or Dbol - can lead to a decline in sperm quality, according to a 1977 Finish study.

Fertility & anabolics

Medical interest in the effects of steroids on fertility has recently started to increase again. This is because doctors and endocrinologists are noticing a small but steadily growing group of ex-users with fertility problems in their clinics. The effects of steroids use on the body’s own testosterone and sperm production are not as easily reversible as doctors first thought.

Sperm count
In the Finnish study, which was published in Contraception, 15 well-trained male athletes aged between 20 and 48 were given 15 mg methandrostenolone (the active ingredient in dianabol) daily for 2 months. [Structural formula shown above.] There are probably hardly any users who stick to such low doses these days. In case you're interested, the preparation used was Anabolin, made by the Finnish company Medica.

Despite the modest dose and amount of time the substance was taken, the men's sperm count declined by a third, and the sperm were less mobile.

This is what 15 mg dbol a day does to your sperm

This is what 15 mg dbol a day does to your sperm

Abnormal sperm cells
The course of steroids reduced the number of normal shaped sperm cells by 74 percent, and doubled the percentage of deformed sperm. The World Health Organization calls sperm abnormal when 70 percent of the cells are misshapen. That was not the case in this experiment.

This is what 15 mg dbol a day does to your sperm

Other researchers had already found that steroids had stronger effects on sperm quality, the Finns report in their article. They cite a study published in 1975 in Acta Endocrinologica. [Acta Endocrinol (Copenh). 1975 Feb; 78(2): 373-84.] In this the male subjects were given a weekly injection of 250 mg tesosterone enanthate for a period of 21 weeks. After 6 weeks only 20 percent of the sperm cells were still moving; after 8 weeks only a quarter of the sperm cells still had a normal shape. And of course the sperm count also decreased in that experiment.

The abnormalities that the Finns observed were therefore modest in comparison to what other researchers had reported. That doesn't make their findings any less serious. At the start of the experiment the athletes had a fertility index of 1.7. The lower the index, the more likely a man is to conceive with a woman. A fertility index of 10 or lower is described as a seriously pathological condition. After 2 months on the steroids the men's index was 14.7.

The Finns back then assumed that these abnormalities were reversible. Because the men's libido increased rather than decreasing, the researchers even put forward the idea that you could use methandrostenolone as a contraceptive. In the seventies scientists weren't aware of the relationship between the percentage of abnormal sperm cells and the likelihood of a man fathering a child with genetic defects.

Contraception. 1977 Feb;15(2):151-62.

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