Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Weight Loss Supplements

This active substance in coffee - no, it's not caffeine - lowers your fat percentage 07.05.2023
Are store-bought belly button mushrooms also insulin enhancers? 05.05.2023
Dried belly button mushroom powder increases insulin sensitivity, reduces fat mass 04.05.2023
Fish oil supplementation increases athletes' resting energy expenditure by ten percent 26.04.2023
Fat loss as a result of Brazilian propolis supplementation 05.02.2023
Supplementation with 5HTP makes diabetics eat significantly less 22.01.2023
Moderate-intensity exercise burns more fat through supplementation with fish oil 07.01.2023
Exercise burns up more fat after supplementing with cystine and glutamine 01.12.2022
Carnitine supplementation promotes fat loss | Meta-study 11.07.2022
Blackcurrant extract increases fat oxidation during moderate-intensity exercise 14.06.2022
Fat loss diet twice as effective if you supplement with caffeine 03.06.2022
FAS inhibitor Tamarindus indica slows the growth of adipose tissuest 01.06.2022
L-Serine supplementation may make the yo-yo effect a thing of the past 08.05.2022
(-)-Epicatechin, an appetite suppressant from cocoa 13.04.2022
Lychees for less belly fat 09.04.2022
Two capsules of D-chiro-inositol per day: more testosterone, less estradiol, less body fat and greater insulin sensitivity 16.11.2021
During exercise, the body burns more fat by supplementing with L-carnitine 23.09.2021
More muscle strength, less fat mass due to a few grams of chlorella per day, animal study 30.06.2021
Gyms closed? Vitamin D keeps your fat percentage low 24.05.2021
On a diet? Take 2 spirulina tablets before meals and lose even more fat 22.03.2021
Nigella sativa is an effective fat loss supplement, meta study 11.01.2021
Schisandrin-B, the fat cell destroyer in Schisandra chinensis 04.01.2021
Black Seed Oil makes you lose fat without losing muscle mass 31.12.2020
Supplementing with quercetin or red onion forces the body into giving muscle preferential treatment over fat 06.12.2020
On a diet? One capsule of Grape Seed Extract per day doubles the rate at which you lose fat 06.11.2020
Zinc supplement accelerates weight loss during slimming diet 31.10.2020
Started running? Carnitine makes you fit (and lean) faster 05.07.2020
Use betaine, lose pounds of fat 03.07.2020
In combination with betaine, stims may burn more fat 18.06.2020
Animal study | Eat stinging nettles as a vegetable, and lose body fat 31.05.2020
Alpinia officinarum, a fat loss supplement? 23.05.2020
Alpinia officinarum: an excess of calories, yet no increase in body fat 20.05.2020
Kaempferia parviflora, a supplement for your six-pack 18.05.2020
Meta-study | Lose fat with curcumin 14.05.2020
Meta-study reveals best way to lose weight by green tea supplements 09.05.2020
Green Coffee Bean causes weight loss, meta-study 02.05.2020
Whey is a hormonal appetite suppressant 17.03.2020
Bifidobacterium breve B-3 accelerates body fat breakdown in human study 28.01.2020
How to effortlessly lose weight with spirulina 23.12.2019
Supplementation with cumin and lime causes weight loss 08.12.2019
Black pepper extract PipeNig-FL stimulates muscle growth while inhibiting body fat growth 17.11.2019
The science behind sesamol in fat loss supplements 02.11.2019
Replacing sugar with palatinose increases muscle mass and reduces body fat 10.10.2019
How using whey hydrolysate makes athletes lose body fat 08.10.2019
Do you want to lose some fat? Replace whey concentrate with whey hydrolysate 07.10.2019
One and a half grams of chia oil per day: more muscle, less fat 28.09.2019
Aza-6-Gingerol, an experimental ginger-based fat-loss drug 16.09.2019
Successful weight loss diet? Quinoa ecdysteroids help you stay slim 10.09.2019
During a caloric overload, shiitake reduces the increase in body fat 18.08.2019
These substances in red bell peppers stimulate fat burning 28.07.2019
The modest fat loss effect of chlorogenic acid 25.07.2019
Gelidium elegans, the slimming algae 11.07.2019
After a cup of coffee, your brown fat cells produce more heat 04.07.2019
Gymnema sylvestre, an anti-diabetic slimming supplement 04.05.2019
The anabolic effect of methoxyisoflavone 04.04.2019
Caffeine increases calorie consumption by physical exercise 19.01.2019
Combination of phenylalanine, alanine and arginine accelerates fat loss 10.01.2019
Not Hoodia gordonii, but Hoodia parviflora 21.12.2018
If you eat a lot of calories, shiitake prevents you from getting fat 27.11.2018
During your cardio, caffeine stimulates fat oxidation as much as p-synephrine 18.11.2018
Does rooibos induce fat loss? 17.11.2018
Russelioside-B, a natural fat loss steroid 14.11.2018
Matcha increases fat oxidation, reduces carbohydrate oxidation during moderate physical activity 14.10.2018
Withaferin-A counteracts obesity by increasing leptin sensitivity 30.09.2018
Cissus quadrangularis as a herbal weight loss aid: minus 7 kilos in 2 months 08.08.2018
Losing body fat with Pycnogenol? 18.06.2018
Supplementation with green tea extract Greenselect Phytosome: more growth hormone and accelerated fat loss 10.06.2018
Outcomes of human studies with TTA are disappointing 06.06.2018
Tetradecylthioacetic Acid, a weird fat burner 05.06.2018
Daily supplementation with 250 mg oleoylethanolamide causes fat loss 30.05.2018
Olive oil compound hydroxytyrosol lowers fat percentage 04.05.2018
Eating too much? The combination of grape extract and physical activity offers more protection than physical activity alone 06.03.2018
Betaine forces fat cells to eat themselves 17.02.2018
Low intensity cardio before breakfast burns more fat if you take some L-phenylalanine 29.12.2017
Slimming goes better with a couple of tablespoons of chia daily 23.12.2017
Alpha-linolenic acid-diacylglycerol steps up fat burning 16.11.2017
When children take 8 g inulin daily their fat layers stop growing 09.08.2017
Enhanced fat burning through green and white tea - brown fat cells play key role 13.07.2017
Another fat browner: curcumin 27.04.2017
Two cups of green tea daily results in more brown fat 25.04.2017
Small amount of beta-cryptoxanthin reduces fat percentage 20.03.2017
The unprecedented possibilities of the Horny Goat Weed-leucine cocktail 13.03.2017
L-Histidine supplementation breaks down fat 19.11.2016
Psyllium boosts chance of successful weight loss 30.09.2016
Animal study: lose fat with acai 22.09.2016
Nicotinamide-riboside transforms muscle cells into super muscle cells 27.07.2016
Overweight and depressed? Hypericum perforatum kills two birds with one stone 16.07.2016
Rosehips contain slimming medicine 22.06.2016
Liver transplant needed after using Garcinia cambogia weight loss supplement 21.05.2016
Aronia berries reduce belly fat 20.05.2016
Lose three kg in three months without dieting: chitosan 14.05.2016
Carnosic acid animal study: no weight loss but some fat loss 13.05.2016
Carnosic acid: potential slimming aid from rosemary 08.05.2016
Why PQQ delays aging (and speeds up fat loss) 26.04.2016
Lose weight and perform better with stearoylvanillylamide 17.03.2016
Combination glucosylhesperidin and miniscule amount of caffeine is an effective slimming aid 13.02.2016
Fish oil supplement can make you fitter, slimmer and more muscular 05.02.2016
Animal study: slimming supplement BAIBA is effective and safe 05.02.2016
Beta-AIBA, a new weight-loss supplement 29.01.2016
Speed up interval-training fat loss with supplement containing caffeine and green tea 19.01.2016
Does lutein speed up fat loss? 13.01.2016
Lutein is a medicine against a sedentary lifestyle 12.01.2016
Daily 600 mg ashwagandha helps resistance trainers build more muscle and lose more fat 11.01.2016
Half a gram of rutin a day can fight fat 09.12.2015
Citrulline increases muscle mass and reduces fat mass by blocking the aging process 08.12.2015
Green tea boosts fat burning after interval training 30.10.2015
Nigella sativa: might not be a testosterone booster, but is an effective slimming supplement 06.10.2015
Lose weight with Hibiscus sabdariffa 27.09.2015
Xanthigen increases energy expenditure by 400 kcal per day 19.09.2015
Grape Seed Extract during menopause: fewer hot flushes, more muscle and better sleep 12.08.2015
Weight-loss diet works better when combined with vitamin D 10.07.2015
Superior weight-loss diet: high protein plus capsaicin supplements 22.05.2015
Why weight loss supplements with N-methyltyramine may not work 12.05.2015
Capsaicin keeps metabolic rate high during weight loss diet 09.05.2015
Lose fat faster with 2 g choline per day 05.05.2015
Raspberry ketone: lose weight and strengthen your bones at the same time 02.05.2015
Aloe vera as a slimming supplement 03.04.2015
Body fat melts away with gum Arabic 16.03.2015
Lose fat safely with a daily 30 mg Aframomum melegueta 16.02.2015
L-Carnitine makes fasting easier and more effective 03.02.2015

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