Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Vitamin B5, the testosterone vitamin 27.11.2015
Vitamin B6 protects against Parkinson's 13.11.2015
Less migraine with 80 mg vitamin B6 daily 03.10.2015
Magnesium, vitamin B2 and co-enzyme Q10 combo soothes migraine 26.09.2015
Too much vitamin D raises mortality risk 12.09.2015
Too high vitamin D levels increase fatal cardiovascular disease rates 27.08.2015
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Legal vitamin B1 analogue boosts stamina 24.12.2009
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Live ten years longer with just one multivitamin pill per day 06.06.2009
High doses vitamin C and E buffer cardio effect on fat rolls 27.05.2009
Athletes who take vitamin D perform better 03.05.2009
Vitamin D delays aging at genetic level 28.12.2008
Vitamin D extends your life expectancy 22.12.2008
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Junk food less fattening with vitamin C 16.10.2008
Vitamin D speeds up fat breakdown during weight loss 09.09.2008