Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C reduces risk of death by 25 percent 12.09.2022
Vitamin C reduces side effects of oral contraceptives 25.07.2022
Supplement with 500 milligrams of vitamin C increases survival chances in life-threatening covid by a factor of 5 26.04.2022
Vitamin C is a brain vitamin 24.03.2022
How vitamin C boosts quercetin's antiviral action 02.02.2022
Infected with corona? You need more vitamin C 30.09.2021
Do vitamin C & beta-carotene reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes? 18.04.2021
This supplement reduces the risk of coronavirus infection by a factor of 12 11.12.2020
Resveratrol turns vitamin C into an even more effective skinceutical 22.11.2020
Multivitamin (with vitamin C) protects against viruses 11.11.2020
How vitamin C might prevent blood vessel calcification 04.10.2020
Get over colds faster thanks to a combination of zinc and vitamin C 09.09.2020
More vitamin C, more muscle 30.08.2020
Aging without wrinkles due to vitamin C supplementation 21.04.2019
Gram of vitamin C makes the anxious less anxious 31.05.2018
Recovery from depression faster with vitamin C supplement 23.03.2017
Better vitamin uptake from supplements with Ester-C than from supplements with regular vitamin C 24.01.2017
Vitamin C supplement lowers blood pressure 13.12.2016
Simple multivitamin supplement can make you happier 20.06.2016
Less anxiety and worry with vitamin C 20.04.2016
High doses of vitamin C and E may undermine effect of endurance and interval training 20.01.2016
Vitamin C boosts breast cancer survival chances 07.10.2014
Vitamin C maintains endurance athletes' testosterone levels 27.09.2014
Supplement containing vitamin C makes it easier to do more exercise 16.09.2014
Diet rich in magnesium, betacarotene and vitamins C and E protects your hearing 02.02.2014
Vitamin C and E protect testes during steroids cycle 08.01.2014
Vitamin C strengthens muscles in the elderly 23.11.2013
Animal study: vitamin C and E good for older strength athletes 17.02.2012
Lose weight faster with vitamin C 11.09.2011
Vitamin C-Phosphate offers your hair protection from androgens 08.09.2011
Vitamin C negates effects of endurance training 23.08.2010
High doses of vitamins C and E not harmful to athletes 03.02.2010
Animal study: vitamin C protects prostate of steroids users 09.10.2009
High doses vitamin C and E buffer cardio effect on fat rolls 27.05.2009
Junk food less fattening with vitamin C 16.10.2008