Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Turmeric & Curcumin

Shot with turmeric and vitamins reduces the number of sick days of professional athletes 05.02.2024
Increase in liver enzyme values? Maybe curcumin will help 22.11.2023
Meta-study confirms positive effects of curcumin supplementation in rheumatoid arthritis 22.06.2023
Metastudy | Curcumin supplementation speeds up recovery from Covid-19 20.03.2023
Combination Q10 and curcumin reduces migraines 18.11.2022
Is curcumin acetylsalicylate a life extender? 24.06.2022
Vitamin B6 may enhance the cancer-inhibiting effect of curcumin 29.12.2021
Curcumin supplementation: More stem cells in recovering muscles in old age 26.12.2021
Can't smell or taste anything after covid? Maybe curcumin will help 01.12.2021
The longevity top 3: rosmarinic acid, pomegranate and curcumin 15.02.2021
Curcumin supplement increases muscle strength and fitness in people over 65 - again... 24.12.2020
Curcumin increases the muscle strength of people over 65 20.12.2020
Cur2004-8 more effective than curcumin, animal study 11.07.2020
Combination of fish oil and curcumin activates anabolism in inactive muscles 11.04.2019
More muscles in old age thanks to curcumin supplementation 12.03.2019
Curcumin improves memory 26.01.2018
Curcumin enhances the effect of running on muscle cells 09.01.2018
Do you cook curry often? It helps keep your brain cells in good condition 08.12.2017
Curcumin and ursolic acid starve prostate cancer cells 03.08.2017
Another fat browner: curcumin 27.04.2017
Painful, worn out knees? Turmeric works just as well as ibuprofen 24.04.2017
Hefty dose of curcumin boosts effect of training on muscles 14.01.2016
Ginger and turmeric are effective painkillers 06.08.2015
Curcumin supplementation: more glycogen, less lactic acid, more stamina, more strength 14.05.2015
Oleuropein, rutin and curcumin versus osteoarthritis 11.12.2014
MRI captures anticatabolic effect of curcumin 01.11.2014
Improve your learning with turmeric 26.08.2014
Fifty times more effective than ordinary curcumin 19.05.2014
Piperine makes curcumin more effective 29.04.2014
Phytochemical 'super-cocktail' with curcumin tames cancer cells 12.04.2014
Animal study: curcumin protects bones after the menopause 06.04.2014
Curcumin is a mild anti-oestrogen 02.04.2014
Curcumin boosts testosterone level 27.03.2014
Curcumin just as effective antidepressant as Prozac, study concludes 26.08.2013
Curcumin boosts positive effect of exercise on blood vessels 08.05.2013
The effects of curcumin in healthy people 05.04.2013
Isoflavone + curcumin cocktail cuts chance of prostate cancer 18.03.2012
Curcumin, isoflavone and androgen mix protects prostate 03.09.2011
Curcumin helps damaged muscle recover faster 13.06.2011
Curcumin isn't anticatabolic at all it's anabolic 07.06.2011
Turmeric inhibits conversion of amino acids into glucose 05.05.2011
Turmeric's modest kidney-stone factor 26.03.2011
Turmeric boosts glucose uptake in muscle cells 13.01.2011
Turmeric reduces post power training muscle damage 24.07.2009
Curcumin, the herbal clenbuterol 12.04.2009
Turmeric: the anti-catabolic in your kitchen cupboard 12.03.2009