Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Test Results

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Most yogurts full of sugars 02.11.2018
There is something wrong with designersteroid 6a-chloro-androst-4-en-17b-ol-3-one 17.10.2018
Lab tests: 24 higenamine supplements 09.09.2018
Brazilian chemical bodybuilders have to put up with rubbish 24.07.2017
Testosterone is number 1 in the Swiss Steroids Top 100 10.07.2017
Grey market epitalon products are genuine 20.01.2017
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British Dispensary's Anabol: sometimes real, sometimes fake 08.09.2015
'Herbal' Chinese slimming pill Lose Quickly contains lorcaserin 22.02.2015
Corticosteroids and antihistamines found in Mayhem 25.11.2014
DMBA: unknown amphetamine-like substance found in 13 supplements 04.11.2014
Of two-dozen designer steroids tested half are crap 30.10.2014
LGD-4033 in web shops is authentic, TB-500 is not 01.10.2014
Experimental medicine flibanserin found in sex supplements for women 17.06.2014
Anti-oestrogen supplement Esto Suppress contains tamoxifen 12.03.2014
Less than half of all herbal supplements actually contain what's on the label 15.02.2014
There is something fishy about Acacia rigidula supplements 10.01.2014
Amphetamine analogue in pre-workout supplement Craze? 26.10.2013
Ingredients in fake dianabol heart-shaped tablets uncovered 02.07.2013
These Biotech Pharmaceuticals steroids are fakes 09.05.2013
Brazilian steroids market flooded with fakes and copies 24.04.2013
Ultradrol contains methylstenbolone 16.01.2013
Fake Norma Hellas Deca and anti-androgenic cannabis 25.10.2012
Nitroso-prodenafil in sex supplement is Viagra and popper in one 30.09.2012
No African Mango in African Mango supplements 12.09.2012
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Jungle Warfare contained delta-6-methyltestosterone 06.11.2011
Lab uncovers underdosed Aicar, GW1516 and MK-2866 on black market 20.07.2011
This is what 1-Androsterone contains 03.03.2011
New designer drug in sex supplement Megaton 2080 31.12.2010
Anti-cancer supplement Prostasol gave man breasts 03.06.2010
Slimming pills in online shops contain sibutramine and carcinogenic laxative 29.05.2010
Analysis: P-Plex 12.05.2010
Wrong steroid in IBE's Epistane 27.04.2010
Bottle of S4 costs $170 online 23.11.2009
Black market steroids: orals ok, injectables definitely not ok 30.08.2009
Dietary supplements containing sibutramine claim victims 19.04.2009
Lab test: Gaspari's Orastan-A contains wrong steroids 05.01.2009
StarCaps diet pills contain diuretic bumetanide 04.11.2008
Weight loss supplement Anabolic Burner contains clenbuterol 28.10.2008
Lab tests: Furaguno and Oxyguno 24.09.2008
Methoxy-TST = Methoxy-TRN 22.09.2008
Lab test: no growth hormone in Hygetropin 15.09.2008