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Lab tests: Furaguno and Oxyguno

The designer supplements Furaguno and Oxyguno contain more or less the active ingredients that are listed on their labels. This came to light in analyses by certified research laboratories, the results of which Ergo-log has received. You can say what you like about Spectra Force Research, it's not a scam.

Lab tests: Furaguno and Oxyguno
Furaguno is a designer steroid that resembles furazabol, the Japanese steroid that Ben Johnson used in the eighties and that doping hunters couldn't trace. The difference between furazabol and the active ingredient in Furaguno is that furazabol has a methyl group attached to the seventeenth carbon atom, whereas the anabolic in Furaguno has an ether group in that position. The full name of the ether-analogue is 17b-tetrahydropyran 2-yloxy-5-alpha-androstano-[2,3-c]-furazan. We found this in a patent filed in 1966.


The lab that determined the active ingredient structure formula on the right found exactly the same substance in the green pills, as is mentioned on the label.

A designer supplement that should contain the same substance as Furaguno is Furazadrol. We have no analyses of these yet.

The story of another designer supplement from Spectra Force Research, Oxyguno, is slightly more complex.

Lab tests: Furaguno and Oxyguno
According to the label, the active ingredient in Oxyguno is an anabolic called 11-oxo-methylclostebol. This steroid is mentioned in Julius Vida's bible of anabolic agents. According to this hallowed standard reference book of androgen lovers, 11-oxo-methylclostebol only has seven percent of the androgen effect of testosterone and at least 850 percent of the anabolic effect of testosterone. Hallelujah!

That's what the doping doctors in the DDR thought as well. They did experiments in the eighties with an analogue of the super-anabolic: 11b-hydroxy-methylclostebol. In the secret files of the DDR, doctors also referred to the anabolic as Substanz XII. The drug hadn't even undergone safety tests on rats, but the East Germans gave it to their athletes. The drugs was called Substanz XII. The East Germans even kept this obscure anabolic secret from their comrades in the USSR.

To cut a long story short, the lab that analysed the contents of the blue Oxyguno lozenges found both anabolics. If we had to bet on it, we'd put our money on the Spectra Force Research factory having wanted to make the 11-oxo-analogue from the 11-beta-hydroxy-analogue. It is easier to get 11-beta-hydroxy steroid raw materials than 11-oxo steroid raw materials.

Lab tests: Furaguno and Oxyguno

Above left is 11-oxo-methylclostebol, the substance in Oxyguno according to the label. On the right is 11-beta-hydroxy-methylclostebol alias Substanz XII. How much active ingredient the pills contain we do not know.