Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Green tea + theanine = reduced risk of flu by a factor of 5 29.02.2024
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Green tea has no effect on testosterone 01.08.2019
Matcha increases fat oxidation, reduces carbohydrate oxidation during moderate physical activity 14.10.2018
Cup of green tea per day halves the mortality risk of women with ovarian cancer 04.07.2018
VASO6, the enigmatic NO booster from green tea 27.06.2018
Cancer inhibitor in green tea may be effective in humans 15.06.2018
Supplementation with green tea extract Greenselect Phytosome: more growth hormone and accelerated fat loss 10.06.2018
Enhanced fat burning through green and white tea - brown fat cells play key role 13.07.2017
Two cups of green tea daily results in more brown fat 25.04.2017
Animal study: half cup of green tea daily is life extending 15.04.2017
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Green tea boosts fat burning after interval training 30.10.2015
Chin-Shin Oolong Tea contains growth hormone booster 02.10.2015
Green tea healthier and more effective on empty stomach 01.09.2015
EGCG speeds up muscle recovery after period of inactivity 19.05.2015
Green tea inhibits breakdown of fast muscle fibres during long-term inactivity 18.05.2015
Five cups of green tea daily rejuvenates skin 10.09.2014
Quercetin boosts inhibitory effect of green tea for prostate cancer 27.01.2014
Slimming supplement containing ECGC, resveratrol and Grape Seed Extract shown to work in human study 12.01.2014
Tea protects prostate against testosterone 10.12.2013
Green tea speeds up muscle recovery after heavy training 11.11.2013
EGCG protects liver and kidneys, and extends life expectancy 04.08.2013
EGCG and caffeine supplement keeps the cold out 26.02.2013
N-oleyl-phosphatidyl-ethanolamine & EGCG combo makes weight-loss diet easier 03.02.2013
Green tea has a slightly anabolic effect on strength athletes 14.01.2013
Cup of green tea with a meal makes it easier to eat less 18.12.2012
Green tea keeps athletes fit as the years go by 24.10.2012
Mushrooms, green tea reduce chance of breast cancer by factor of 10 13.10.2012
Combination of strength training and green tea gives elderly more muscle mass 12.10.2012
One cup of green tea burns five grams of fat 02.09.2012
Tiny amount of caffeine can burn fat - when combined with tea phenols 27.08.2012
Tea for temporary T boost 24.04.2012
Grow old healthily with green tea 11.03.2012
Tea drinkers have stronger bones 25.02.2012
Lose weight with Pu-Erh tea 17.08.2011
Tea supplement boosts T levels in animal study 30.10.2010
Almost no green tea in green tea sodas 13.10.2010
Drink green tea instead of water and live longer 24.05.2010
Green tea stackers don't work without exercise 13.05.2010
Metastudy: slimming supplements with green tea do work 27.03.2010
Black tea reduces muscle soreness after training 20.03.2010
Cold brewed white tea contains most antioxidants 04.01.2010
Cup of tea inhibits uptake of mercury from fish 04.12.2009
Polyphenols in juice and tea clear bacteria from your teeth 22.10.2009
Drink three cups of tea a day and add five years to your life 11.09.2009
Bad breath from proteins? Green tea helps 24.03.2009
Green tea protects against colds and flu 12.02.2009
Green tea works better without protein 09.02.2009
Human study: weight loss slightly faster with green tea 03.02.2009
CLA and EGCG promising super stack in small trial 02.02.2009
Green tea contains insulin booster 08.11.2008