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This supplement reduces the risk of coronavirus infection by a factor of 12

No, the human study conducted within Istanbul Kanuni Sultan Suleyman Training and Research Hospital is far from perfect. But it does offer the prospect of a supplement that may significantly reduce the risk of infection with the corona virus. The ingredients can be found in every webshop or vitamin shop.

This supplement reduces the risk of coronavirus infection by a factor of 12

Quercetin as a virus inhibitor
There is some evidence that both vitamin C and quercetin have antiviral properties. On the basis of basic biomedical research, some doctors even suspect that these substances might provide synergistic protection. [Front Immunol. 2020 Jun 19;11:1451.]

In animal studies, quercetin hinders virus infection by blocking the receptors that allow viruses to enter cells, while vitamin C increases the bioavailability of quercetin.

The Turks were inspired by this theory, and decided to conduct an experiment with a self-invented supplement consisting of quercetin, vitamin C and bromelain. The idea behind the addition of bromelain is that this substance, like vitamin C, should increase the bioavailability of quercetin.

The researchers supplemented 71 nurses aged 20-60 in their hospital, who had frequent contact with Covid-19, twice a day for 113-118 days. This supplement provided the nurses with 500 milligrams of quercetin, 500 milligrams of vitamin C and 50 milligrams of bromelain daily.

Vitamine C
A control group of 42 nurses received no supplement. They also did not receive a placebo, which is a downside of the study's design.

The supplement worked. In the supplementation group, exactly 1 subject received Covid, in the control group 9. This implies that supplementation reduced the chance of infection by a factor of 12. And yes, this effect was statistically significant. The p was 0.031.

This supplement reduces the risk of coronavirus infection by a factor of 12

Arslan, Bengu and Ucuncu Ergun, Nurcan and Topuz, Seyma and Yilmaz Semerci, Seda and Suner, Nurettin and Kocatas, Ali and Onal, Hasan, Synergistic Effect of Quercetin and Vitamin C Against COVID-19: Is a Possible Guard for Front Liners. Available at SSRN: or

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Immune System
Vitamin C

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Quercetin protects athletes from colds and flu
Human study.

Quercetin sabotages influenza virus
In test tubes, quercetin, a flavonoid found in many plant foods, makes it difficult for influenza A viruses to infect cells.

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If people over 55 take a multivitamin every day with a gram of vitamin C and adequate amounts of micronutrients such as vitamin D, zinc and selenium, they reduce their chances of being infected by a flu or cold virus.