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What is steroid 36644-Ba?

Wat is steroid 36644-Ba?
In 1960, the pharmaceutical company CIBA started marketing the anabolic steroid methandrostenolone as Dianabol. With the introduction of Dianabol, in bodybuilding and weightlifting the era of anabolic steroids began. In the years following this successful introduction, CIBA studied another anabolic steroid about which hardly anything is known. What kind of anabolic was steroid 36644-Ba?

Steroid 36644-Ba
Indeed, the chemical structure of 36644-Ba looks extremely weird. The chemical structures, we should say. 36644-Ba was actually a mixture of two substances that change into each other spontaneously and continuously.

The first structural formula below is the official, the second is the metabolite in which the parent compound of 36644-Ba is constantly changing - and which then changes back into the parent compound.

What is steroid 36644-Ba?

What is steroid 36644-Ba?

Biological activity
The only studies on the biological activity of 36644-Ba that we have been able to obtain are complex animal studies, in which test animals not only received 36644-Ba, but also a corticosteroid. Corticosteroids break down muscle tissue.

In muscle cells, corticosteroids reduce the production of muscle protein by the ribosomes. In a handful of studies, CIBA researchers showed that 36644-Ba can maintain protein synthesis of ribosomes during corticosteroid administration. One of those studies, which appeared in 1968, can be found in its entirety in PubMed Central. [Biochem J. 1968;108(3):417-25.]

What is steroid 36644-Ba?

In 1970, researchers published a similar study in which 36644 Ba had a more potent effect than stanozolol. We could not find that study. What we know about it comes from the Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry, published by Academic Press in 1971. []

What is steroid 36644-Ba?

What is steroid 36644-Ba?

Hershberger assay
In the aforementioned 1968 publication, the authors explain how 36644-Ba performed in standard animal studies that give scientists an idea of the desired anabolic properties and undesirable androgenic properties of anabolic steroids.

What is steroid 36644-Ba?

These data comes from the Proceedings of the Second International Congress on Hormonal Steroids, Milan, May 23-28, 1966. [] We were also unable to get hold of that publication.

The most recent scientific reference to 36644-Ba dates from 2009. In that year, the Australian doping hunter Ray Kazlauskas mentioned 36644-Ba in his chapter on designer steroids in the Doping in Sports collection: Biochemical Principles, Effects and Analysis, which was published by Academic in 2009 Press. []

"36644-Ba seems to be very active, but does not seem to have been used other than as an experimental drug", writes Kazlauskas on page 168.

Biochem J. 1968;108(3):417-25.

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