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Spirulina, an unlikely supplement for erectile dysfunction

Spirulina supplementation may be helpful for men with erection problems. Brazilian researchers at the Federal University of Paraiba come to this conclusion after experiments they conducted with corpulent rats.

The researchers fattened a large part of their lab animals with feed in which they had added extra sugar and fat [Hypercaloric diet (HCD)]. This made the rats more like the overweight men with type 2 diabetes with an increased risk of erectile problems.

Some of the lab rats were given standard chow and acted as a control group [Standard diet (SD)].

Subsequently, the Brazilians gave the rats a supplement containing spirulina every day for 8 weeks. If the rats had been adult males, they would have been given about 200-1,000 milligrams of spirulina daily. The researchers used spirulina powder, whey they administered dissolved in a liquid.

Spirulina, an unlikely supplement for erectile dysfunction

The researchers administered apomorphine to the rats and then measured how many erections the animals had for half an hour. The researchers also looked at how long it took for the rats to get an erection.

And tada. The graphs below speak for themselves.

Spirulina, an unlikely supplement for erectile dysfunction

By studying the rats more closely, the Brazilians were able to figure out how spirulina should have a prosexual effect. They discovered that spirulina increased the synthesis of erectogenic prostaglandins and NO, while activating enzymes that deactivate oxygen radicals.

Spirulina, an unlikely supplement for erectile dysfunction

"Supplementation with Spirulina platensis thus emerges as a promising new therapeutic alternative for the treatment of erectile dysfunction as induced by obesity", summarize the Brazilians. Their research was not paid for by a spirulina supplement manufacturer.

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