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Shilajit repairs worn knee

In Asian countries, local healers use shilajit, a kind of asphalt mined in high mountains, against pain and inflammation in worn-out joints. An animal study was published in 2018 suggesting that people with worn-out joints could indeed benefit from shilajit.

Shilajit repairs worn knee

Researchers at the Bahonar University of Kerman in Iran injected rats once into their knee joints with a substance that causes wear and tear and inflammation. In this way, the Iranians imitated the effect of osteoarthritis. Another group of rats did not receive the substance and acted as a control group.

A portion of the injected rats were administered shilajiit extract by the oral route every day for 21 days post-injection. If the rats had been adult humans, they would have taken about 1 to 1.2 grams of shiljat daily.

The researchers had made their shilajit preparation themselves. They used a water-based extract produced from shilajit from the region's mountains.

The injections made the joint swell. When the rats were given shilajit, the swelling decreased. At the end of the experiment, the size of the knee joint was even normal.

Shilajit repairs worn knee

Shilajit repairs worn knee

Shilajit repairs worn knee

The researchers studied the cartilage in the affected knee in lab animals on a weekly basis. At the end of the last week, the cartilage of the rats given shilajit was significantly better.

The researchers scored the inflammation of the rats' knee joint. After three weeks, the scores of the animals that had been given shilajit were significantly better than those of the rats that had had to do without shilajit.

The researchers did not perform any analyzes that reveal anything about the mechanism of action of shilajit.

Based on studies we recently wrote about, we, the industrious yet ignorant compilers of this free web magazine, think that shilajit supplementation enhances the biosynthesis of collagen in the joints.

Comparative Clinical Pathology (2018) 27:755-64.

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