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Quality of protein in whey isolate better than that of protein in whey concentrate

Quality of protein in whey isolate better than that of protein in whey concentrate
If athletes decide whether they purchase a whey isolate or a whey concentrate, they usually weigh the higher price of the isolates against the larger amount of protein in isolates. This consideration is not complete, we read in an article that appeared in 2006 in Food Chemistry. This publication shows that the protein in whey isolates is also of a better quality than the protein in whey concentrates.

Whey concentrate, expressed in calories, consists of 60-85% protein. Whey isolate consists of 85-95 percent protein. But is that the only difference between concentrate and isolate?

Spanish food technologists, associated with the Instituto del Frisio, wanted to answer this question with an analysis of 32 protein supplements that were intended for athletes. These products included whey concentrates, whey isolates and also a few caseins.

The researchers looked at the substance furosine in their products. Furosine arises by heating when drying whey proteins, through a complex reaction involving lysine, other amino acids and carbohydrates. The Maillard reaction, biochemists call it. In addition to furosine, more substances are formed, and these have in common that they are not or only poorly absorbed by the body. The more furosine there is in a protein supplement, the less the nutritional value of those proteins.

In the whey concentrates, the researchers found a lot more furosine than in the isolates. They also found more furosine in isolates than in caseins.

Quality of protein in whey isolate better than that of protein in whey concentrate

What percentage of the protein in the studied products can be absorbed? The researchers do not tell...

Food Chemistry Volume 101, Issue 2, 2007, Pages 573-8.

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