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Q10 combined with light exercise burns more fat

After taking a capsule containing 30 mg of the co-enzyme Q10 [structure shown below] your body spontaneously burns more fat. At least, if you combine it with light exercise. This is the conclusion of a human study carried out at the Kyoto University in Japan, and published in the summer of 2008 in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology.


The co-enzyme Q10 is a molecular thumb tack. The cell uses it to puncture the membranes of organelles that generate energy. The molecule absorbs the electrons that are released, and then transfers them to other molecules. In this way Q10 protects cell structures and enables energy to be generated.

Until now researchers have concentrated on the effect of Q10 in people with cellular metabolic disorders. The Japanese researchers did their experiment on male students to see whether Q10 also affects the metabolism of healthy people.

The Japanese gave their subjects a capsule containing 30 mg of Q10 and measured their energy burning at rest. Then they got the subjects to cycle at 30 percent of their VO2max. That's like recreational pedalling.

Compared to the control group which had been given a placebo the test subjects burned more fat during the physical exercise. The figure below shows this.

Q10 combined with light exercise burns more fat

The black bars represent the Q10 group; the white bars the control group. Rest 1 = before administration; Rest 2 = half an hour after intake; Rest 3 = one hour after intake. Fat burning only increases significantly during the exercise, one hour after intake.

The Japanese also measured the activity of the autonomic central nervous system. This increased in the supplement takers. The researchers therefore suspect that Q10 raises fat burning through a mechanism involving the nervous system.

Other research
Other studies have also examined the effect of Q10 on fat burning, but found no effect. The Japanese researchers say that is because the studies only looked at the effects on people at rest or on athletes who did high-intensity exercise. It looks like Q10 only has an effect with light exercise.

Q10 combined with light exercise burns more fat

J Nutr Sci Vitaminol (Tokyo). 2008 Aug;54(4):286-90.

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Weight Loss

Q10 supplementation makes explosive movements a little faster
If you take 100 mg of the co-enzyme Q10 every day your ability to perform fast and explosive movements in quick succession will increase slightly.

Does Q10 offer strength athletes cardiac protection?
Athletes who do strength sports may develop an enlarged heart. Taking a Q10 co-enzyme supplement offers some protection.

Q10 raises endurance (a little) in human study
Effective dose: 200 mg daily.