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Q10 combats wrinkles

Q10 helps delay new wrinkles in facial skin and helps reduce existing wrinkles, Slovenian researchers at the University of Ljubljana write in Biofactors. A daily dose of 50 mg Q10 is enough.

The researchers divided 32 women, aged between 45 and 60, into three groups. One group took a placebo every day for 12 weeks; another took a supplement containing 50 mg Q10 every day; and a third group took 150 mg Q10 per day. Just before and after the supplementation period the researchers examined the women's skin, using equipment and a panel of experts also assessed the women's skin.

Q10 combats wrinkles
The Slovenians used Q10Vital, made by Valens. [] Q10Vital is a syrup in which Q10 is dissolved. Valens claims that Q10 is better absorbed in this form. We don't know to what extent Valens funded the research, but Valens does cite the study in its marketing.

The researchers subjected patches of the participants' skin to UV radiation before and after supplementation. Q10 did not have a protective effect.

Q10 didn't improve the skin's moisture balance either, nor did it strengthen the skin.

The researchers performed the experiment in the winter. The skin of the women in the placebo group became less elastic during this period, according to the researchers' measuring instruments, while the skin elasticity of the women in the Q10 groups increased slightly.

Q10 combats wrinkles

Q10 reduced the facial wrinkles. The figure below shows the results for the wrinkles in the corners of the participants' eyes.

Q10 combats wrinkles

Q10 combats wrinkles

The photos above are of two participants and were taken just before [left] and just after [right] the supplementation period. The arrows indicate visible reductions in wrinkles.

And finally, the figures below show that according to skin experts Q10 made the skin smoother [Smoothness] and reduced the numbers of small wrinkles [Microrelief].

Q10 combats wrinkles

"In the present study, the administration of a dietary supplement containing CoQ10 over a 12-week period showed several anti-ageing effects as it reduced wrinkles, improved skin smoothness and microrelief as well as skin firmness," the researchers summarise. "It also helped the skin combat seasonal changes since it prevented negative viscoelasticity seasonal changes during winter."

"We were unable to show the effect of the supplementation on skin hydration, dermis thickness and density. The results also showed that CoQ10 actually offered little to no photo protection since it was unable to reduce UVB-induced inflammation."

Biofactors. 2017 Jan 2;43(1):132-40.

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