Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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This daily dose of zinc increases your risk of prostate cancer 06.11.2022
What helps better against prostate problems? Pumpkin seeds or pumpkin extract supplements? 20.02.2022
Reduction of prostate cancer risk by a few tablespoons of beans a day 12.02.2022
25 grams of gelatin per day reduces benign prostate problems 15.02.2022
Eat mushrooms and reduce your risk of prostate cancer 04.10.2021
Supplementation with Epilobium angustifolium relieves mild prostate complaints 14.06.2021
Meta-study determines the protective effect of lycopene against prostate cancer 13.06.2021
An anti-cancer factor in the skin of apples 30.05.2021
Supplementation with MCP slows prostate cancer 29.08.2020
Sleeping with lights on increases the risk of prostate cancer 13.07.2019
Not only tomatoes, but also carrots protect against prostate cancer 06.05.2018
Enough selenium in the diet gives prostate cancer less chance 02.10.2017
Interval training slows down prostate cancer 23.09.2017
Curcumin and ursolic acid starve prostate cancer cells 03.08.2017
Nuts increase survival chances of prostate cancer patients 05.05.2017
Eating lots of walnuts helps fight prostate cancer 02.05.2017
Fatty acid composition in diet is a factor in prostate cancer metastases 12.11.2016
Low-inflammatory-index diet protects against prostate cancer 07.06.2016
Good sleep reduces chance of prostate cancer 17.08.2015
Building muscles without testosterone 03.03.2015
Every 10 g carrot reduces chance of prostate cancer by 5 percent 08.11.2014
Garlic, prostate cancer and Death Receptor-4 05.11.2014
Every cup of coffee you drink diminishes your chances of prostate cancer (a little) 13.02.2014
Quercetin boosts inhibitory effect of green tea for prostate cancer 27.01.2014
Cacao inhibits DHT, protects prostate against testosterone 21.01.2014
Taking testosterone? Cacao protects your prostate 19.01.2014
Strength training makes sex still possible with prostate cancer 03.01.2014
Tea protects prostate against testosterone 10.12.2013
Piceatannol inhibits spread of prostate cancer 23.09.2013
Tongkat Ali has no effect on prostate 12.07.2013
Cabbage halves prostate cancer risk 10.02.2013
Chicken and egg reduce chances of surviving prostate cancer 06.02.2013
Cabbage can help prostate cancer survival 27.01.2013
Prostate cancer grows half as fast in walkers 20.01.2013
Metastudy: selenium helps prevent prostate cancer 12.08.2012
Withholding vitamin supplement helps to control prostate cancer 28.07.2012
Grape Seed Extract inhibits 'genetically inevitable' prostate cancer 14.07.2012
Prostate cancer cells die in the blood of active people 07.06.2012
Magnesium makes protein supplements less dangerous, study suggests 04.09.2011
Curcumin, isoflavone and androgen mix protects prostate 03.09.2011
Soya protein reduces androgen's side effects, leaves anabolic effect intact 13.03.2011
Early balders need to take care of their prostate 12.03.2011
Lancet: link between prostate cancer and steroids in bodybuilder 25.06.2010
Anti-prostate cancer supplement gave man breasts 03.06.2009
Animal study: vitamin C protects prostate of steroids users 09.10.2009
Soya milk reduces chance of prostate cancer 22.08.2009
Testosterone supplement causes aggressive prostate cancer 16.04.2009
Fish fatty acids keep prostate cancer under control 28.11.2008
Vigorous running prevents enlarged prostate 21.10.2008