Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Plant Protein

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Hybrid protein shake lowers estradiol 11.06.2011
Hemp protein is every bit as good as protein in beans 15.04.2011
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Soya protein and whey mix makes best pre-workout shake 15.04.2010
Two glasses of soya milk a day maintains bone mass 04.02.2010
Vegetarian top athlete gets rhabdomyolysis 25.09.2009
Animal protein builds muscle mass plant protein doesn't 08.09.2009
Soya milk reduces chance of prostate cancer 22.08.2009
Metastudy: soya does not lower men's testosterone level 27.07.2009
Vegetarianism is healthy, but not because of lack of animal protein 27.03.2009
Spirulina more anabolic than casein 18.10.2008
Bamboo protein causes super-rat plague 19.09.2008
They exist mammoth vegan bodybuilders 22.08.2008