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Pantethine tames allergy

Pantethine tames allergy
Supplementation with vitamin B5 or its analogues may ameliorate allergic attacks. This is suggested by an animal study that researchers from Aix Marseille University in France published last year in Medical Science Monitor Basic Research. Let's hope that vitamin B5 also works in lower doses than the the mega doses the researchers gave to their mice.

The researchers experimented with mice that were allergic to substances from the Leishmania parasite. They prayed those substances [LACK] into the lungs of the mice, imitating an asthma attack. The researchers exposed a control group to a compound that did not elicit allergic reactions [PBS] [way too simple, we know]. Then the researchers studied what happened in the lungs.

Several days before the induced asthma attack, the researchers had injected pantethine into the small intestine of the mice. If the mice had been people who took pantethine orally, they would have taken 3-7 grams of pantethine would have been used daily. This dose is astronomical. Do not try this at home.

Supplementation with pantethine reduced the increase in the number of immune cells after exposure to the allergen in the lungs. In the lungs, pantethine also inhibited the increase of the inflammatory factor interleukin-4.

Pantethine tames allergy

Pantethine tames allergy

Pantethine tames allergy

Pantethine tames allergy

Finally, the vitamin reduced the increase of IgG1 and IgE antibodies that were specific for the protein that the researchers had blown into the lungs of the mice.

"Our work shows that pantethine is a potential protective drug against allergic asthma", wrote the researchers. "Among the products known to attenuate the disease, pantethine has the advantage of being a well-tolerated natural compound. It has been already used in humans against various pathologies, with no detectable adverse effects."

"The present report confirms that pantethine inhibits pathogenic cell migration, meaning that it could provide a distinct appropriate therapy for allergic asthma."

Med Sci Monit Basic Res. 2017 Nov 27;23:368-72.

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