Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Pain Killers

Supplementing with vitamin D3 reduces pain in fibromyalgia 15.02.2024
Vitamin D as a painkiller 03.02.2024
Significantly less pain after surgery due to vitamin C supplementation 26.11.2023
Fruit supplementation improves skin hydration 06.08.2023
Alpha-Lipoic Acid reduces pain without known cause 12.07.2023
Lime oil massage helps athletes get rid of DOMS 25.05.2023
Worn knee a bit less painful due to L-carnitine supplementation 15.05.2023
Supplement with vitamin D reduces pain in rheumatoid arthritis 01.03.2023
Slower carbohydrates, fewer migraines 18.06.2022
Avoiding carbohydrates is preventing migraines 08.06.2022
Is Basica a supplement against lower back pain? 18.05.2022
Swearing as a painkiller | If you do it, do it right 11.12.2021
More omega-3, less omega-6, fewer migraines 21.07.2021
Phyllanthus amarus supplement protects against sore muscles 14.12.2020
Citrus limon extract reduces pain, but does not make you drowsy 19.09.2020
Cinnamon fights migraines 04.08.2020
Are supplements companies messing with kratom? 20.07.2020
Human study | This is the analgesic effect of kratom 18.07.2020
Trend: combining cannabis with exercise 16.06.2019
Do you suffer from worn joints? A low-carb diet may help 19.03.2019
Alpha-Lipoic Acid fights carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms 02.06.2018
Ibuprofen induces hypogonadism 14.01.2018
Palmitoylethanolamide, a natural painkiller with no side effects 03.11.2016
Animal study: ibuprofen is really a doping substance 30.12.2015
Endurance capacity protects against headache 15.10.2015
Less migraine with 80 mg vitamin B6 daily 03.10.2015
Magnesium, vitamin B2 and co-enzyme Q10 combo soothes migraine 26.09.2015
Ginger and turmeric are effective painkillers 06.08.2015
Training together is less painful 21.03.2015
Being fit dulls pain 19.08.2014
Cup of coffee reduces RSI arm pain 20.03.2014
Paracetamol improves sprint series performance 16.12.2013
Paracetamol softens the realisation that we are mortal 07.11.2013
One gram paracetamol reduces your hurt feelings 29.10.2013
Cryotherapy helps athletes recover faster 15.01.2012
Magnesium supplement prevents migraine 26.12.2011
Less pain with fish oil 13.08.2011
Pure ATP supplement for more muscle power - by killing pain? 09.08.2011
Small amount of caffeine gives strength athlete better grip on weights 24.02.2011
How you can reduce push-up hand pain 04.04.2011
Cyclists bike faster with paracetamol 17.03.2011
Two grams ginger reduces muscle soreness by a quarter 19.06.2010
Swearing reduces pain 18.03.2010
Painkillers half as effective when you take testosterone 16.12.2009
Red Bull is painkiller 19.09.2009
Testosterone reduces pain sensitivity 28.07.2009
Combination of Hydroxycut and painkillers destroys muscles 02.04.2009