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On a diet? White button mushrooms speed up weight loss

There is a dietary trick which makes all dishes with fat minced meat healthier, without making them taste less good: you replace part of the minced meat with chopped white button mushrooms. As a result, the amount of kilocalories in the meal decreases considerably - without you going to eat more of them later in the day.

Food scientists at Johns Hopkins University provided 54 healthy subjects on 4 different occasions a lunch with chili or lasagna, which contained fat ground beef. On 4 other occasions they gave the test subjects the same lunch, but a part of the minced meat was replaced by chopped mushrooms.

On a diet? White button mushrooms speed up weight loss

On the days that the subjects were given a lunch by the researchers, the researchers recorded what their subjects ate during the rest of the day.

The researchers received their money from the Mushroom Council, an industry organization that informs consumers about the positive health effects of mushrooms. []

The meal with button mushrooms yielded 420 kilocalories less than the meal without mushrooms.

On a diet? White button mushrooms speed up weight loss

On a diet? White button mushrooms speed up weight loss

During the day, after their mushroom lunch, the test subjects hardly compensated for that difference in kilocalories by eating more. On a day when the subjects ate a low-calorie meal with mushrooms, the subjects consumed 374 kilocalories less than on a day when they were given a lunch without mushrooms.

The replacement of fat meat with mushrooms did influence the subjects' culinary appreciation of the meals.

On a diet? White button mushrooms speed up weight loss

"We found that overtly substituting ground white button mushrooms for lean ground beef in a single meal for four consecutive days significantly reduced daily energy and fat intake, while maintaining ratings of palatability, appetite, satiation and satiety", the researchers write.

"These data suggest that fewer than 10 total substitutions similar to the one used in this experiment would be necessary in order to produce an additive energy deficit approximately equivalent to 1 lb of body fat. If one such substitution were made every week, this would amount to nearly 20,000 kcal, or more than 5 lbs, in one year."

"It would be of interest to evaluate in a controlled setting the long-term effects of such food substitutions on energy intake and energy balance, and, if promising, to determine how best to incorporate this strategy into methods for controlling body weight."

"The method of substituting one food for another within familiar recipes may be more appealing to many prospective dieters than making more dramatic or restrictive changes in dietary behavior. Over the long run, individuals may respond to such dietary changes by adjusting intake. However, if the reduced energy intake resulting from such substitutions continued to be poorly compensated for, the effects on weight control could be considerable."

More coming soon.

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