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Oligonol versus cortisol

Intense training is fine, but each session also causes your body a lot of physical stress. This explains the increase in the concentration of stress hormone and inflammatory factors in the body after a session. Supplementation with the lychee extract Oligonol softens these stress reactions.

Oligonol versus cortisol

In 2010, physiologists from Soonchunhyang University in South Korea published a small human study in which they gave 10 male students a daily capsule containing 100 milligrams of Oligonol for 4 weeks.

9 students in a control group were given a placebo.

Oligonol is an extract of lychees, which is marketed by the Japanese Amino Up Chemical Company. We have been writing about Oligonol with some frequency for several weeks now. An overview of these posts can be found here.

Our interest is mainly motivated by our pleasant surprise at the amount of scientific literature available on this product. There aren't as many supplement components that have been studied as thoroughly as Oligonol.

Most of the Oligonol studies we've written about were sponsored by Amino Up. This is not the case with the South Korean study we are now talking about. This study is funded by the Korean government.

Just before the supplementation started, the researchers measured the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol and a number of inflammatory proteins in the students' blood. They did this again on the last day of the supplementation period.

On this last day, the students had to run for 60 minutes on a treadmill at an intensity of 75 percent of their maximum oxygen uptake. Just before and after the session, the researchers again took blood samples.

Supplementation with Oligonol lowered the concentration of cortisol and that of the measured inflammatory factors both at rest and immediately after physical exertion.

Oligonol versus cortisol

Oligonol versus cortisol

The researchers also looked at the white blood cells, but saw no effect of supplementation.

Nutr Res Pract. 2010 Jun;4(3):203-7.

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