Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Does Spilanthes acmella accelerate muscle growth? And if so - how? 27.07.2023
Calisthenics plus fenugreek = more strength, more muscle, less body fat 14.06.2023
Betaine increases testosterone, lowers cortisol after strength training 24.03.2023
Fish oil doubles strength gains through strength training 18.03.2023
A pinch of GABA makes whey a more effective muscle builder 06.03.2023
Only strong athletes get stronger through shilajit supplementation 19.11.2022
The best muscle food is prepared in your own kitchen 16.11.2022
Citrulline supplementation reduces muscle soreness and fatigue after an explosive workout 13.11.2022
Strength training results in more muscle growth thanks to this Korean protein supplement 08.11.2022
Combination of strength training with fish oil supplementation keeps aging muscles strong 08.08.2022
So it's really possible | Increasing your muscle mass during a rigorous weight loss diet 06.08.2022
CBD oil accelerates muscle recovery after strenuous exercise 14.07.2022
Fish oil supplementation | How to withstand severe physiological stress without losing strength 20.0.2022
More IGF-1 and IGF-2 after heavy training due to supplementation with quercetin 29.11.2021
Strength training results in more muscle mass and strength if you supplement with capsiate 14.09.2021
Anabolic effect of dileucine greater than that of leucine 19.08.2021
Low-fat yogurt enhances the effect of strength training 26.06.2021
Stopping a weight loss diet over the weekends increases fat loss and prevents muscle breakdown 26.02.2021
Snacking in the evening comes at the expense of muscle and strength 25.10.2020
Eating too much but staying lean thanks to strength training 05.10.2020
Whey enhances the effect of strength training on muscle mass, collagen does not 07.08.2020
Spreading proteins over meals increases muscle growth 30.05.2020
Why chicken protein contributes more to muscle anabolism than beef protein 11.05.2020
Protein from potatoes stimulates muscle growth 19.04.2020
Combination of strength training and low carb diet relieves women of their body fat, costs muscle mass 06.05.2020
3 grams of HMB per day increases muscle building effect of whey 19.04.2020
This combination of protein, free essential amino acids and creatine works better than whey 20.02.2020
Combination of strength training with fish oil supplementation lowers blood pressure 18.02.2020
The temporary muscle-building effect of the citrulline-glutathione combination 09.11.2019
Do you want to lose some fat? Replace whey concentrate with whey hydrolysate 07.10.2019
HMB works just as well as leucine 27.09.2019
2 g of carnitine daily makes bodybuilders stronger 11.08.2019
Is Quorn a better muscle builder than milk protein? 07.07.2019
Time-restricted feeding without positive or negative effects in female strength athletes 06.07.2019
The pre-competitive period in bodybuilding | There must be a better way 21.05.2019
Three capsules of Grape Seed Extract protect muscles during extreme strength training 14.04.2019
This is the effect of whey on bodybuilders in real life 24.11.2019
Whey protein and pea protein equally useful for CrossFitters 20.01.2019
Insect protein just as good for muscle growth as protein from soy 28.12.2018
Low-carbohydrate diet for powerlifters: weight loss without losing strength 20.11.2018
This is the effect of strength training in combination with a hypercaloric ketogenic diet 25.07.2018
The shake before bedtime is just as effective during the day 25.05.2018
Do you work out with weights and do you want to lose fat? Drink your protein shakes with your meals 02.05.2018
Women with Physique aspirations benefit from a high protein diet 19.04.2018
Bar with protein from insects no match for the shake with whey 28.03.2018
This happens when you combine drop sets with creatine supplementation 05.03.2018
An anti-inflammatory lifestyle might enhance the effect of strength training 02.03.2018
Do you want to build more muscle? This is the optimal protein intake 23.02.2018
BCAAs stimulate post-workout muscle gain - but need help 07.09.2017
15 mg capsaicin taken before workout makes more intensive strength training possible 22.08.2017
Lying down during and after a meal is bad for building muscle 25.07.2017
This is how much protein strength athletes need on their non-training days 26.06.2017
Fish oil helps over 65s' muscles respond better to strength training 02.06.2017
Fortetropin, the myostatin inhibitor in MYO-X 22.05.2017
Velositol gives tiny amount of protein more anabolic effect 19.05.2017
Taking leucine after strength training boosts IGF-1 concentration in muscle cells 01.04.2017
Experienced strength athletes lose fat by intermittent fasting, not muscle mass or strength 29.03.2017
Strength athletes perform no better or worse with time-restricted feeding 28.03.2017
Weight lifters train better and recover faster with a litre and a half of pomegranate juice daily 14.03.2017
Protein shake late in the evening won't make you fat 14.02.2017
Athletes get more out of proteins with probiotics 02.02.2017
Is it better to combine a low-carb diet or a traditional slimming diet with strength training? 16.01.2017
Athletes perform better after six days of spinach, collard greens or beetroot 14.01.2017
After consuming gelatine hydroxyprolylglycine makes your muscles bigger and stronger 05.12.2016
Strength training in the evening and a protein shake before bed - does it work? 29.09.2016
Strength training + glass of milk + tablespoon leucine = more muscle 20.09.2016
Soya protein + HMB has same anabolic effect as whey 23.08.2017
Creatine reduces optimal rest time between sets 16.06.2016
If leucine isn't stimulating muscle growth, try combining it with glycine 14.06.2016
Bodybuilders manage twenty percent more reps with beetroot juice 08.06.2016
Coffee better stimulant than caffeine pill for strength athletes 30.04.2016
Female bodybuilders manage lots more reps with citrulline malate 29.04.2016
A post-strength training shake with just whey works better than a shake with whey and carbs 27.04.2017
BCAAs help dieting strength athletes retain muscle mass 08.02.2016
Effect of BCAAs on muscles is dose dependent 21.01.2016
Daily 600 mg ashwagandha helps resistance trainers build more muscle and lose more fat 11.01.2016
Alpha-GPC supplementation boosts strength within six days 05.01.2016
Strength athletes react better to whey with added extras than whey on its own 29.12.2015
Shake containing 20 g whey makes weight loss diet easier 18.12.2015
Extreme protein intake reduces fat mass 11.12.2015
Over seventies who do strength training will build more muscle by taking a collagen supplement 03.12.2015
Protein supplement Immunocal boosts maximal strength 20.09.2015
Protein shake nightcap gives strength athletes more muscle 18.08.2015
Short-term magnesium supplementation boosts maximal strength 31.07.2015
Adding 200 mg glutathione makes L-citrulline a more effective NO booster 29.07.2015
Build muscle mass, increase endurance capacity and lose fat through intermittent fasting 01.07.2015
Strength athletes' heart and blood vessels can take a couple of eggs for breakfast 20.05.2015
The best carbs for your whey shake are found in honey 01.05.2015
1g HMB raises bodybuilders' growth hormone and IGF-1 levels 23.04.2015
Pea protein: a fine way to build up muscle 22.03.2015
Timed nutrition more important for experienced strength athletes than for beginners 17.01.2015
Meat is suitable for post workout nutrition 20.09.2014
Creatine helps strengthen muscles in the over-sixties 04.08.2014
Whey shake restores fluid balance 31.07.2014
Rehydration and whey protein administration go together fine 28.07.2014
The joint effect of strength training and ginger supplementation 27.07.2014
Daily 1500 mg arachidonic acid makes strength athletes stronger and bulkier 25.07.2014
Bodybuilding with protein-rich diet is healthier 24.06.2014
The anticatabolic effect of glycine 23.06.2014
Sodium Bicarbonate for strength training? Only works at start of workout 24.05.2014
Twelve weeks' training with HMB Free Acid: 7 kg lean body mass gain, 5 kg fat loss 07.04.2014
Watermelon prevents sore muscles 03.04.2014
Better sports drinks or pre-workout shakes contain L-citrulline 01.04.2014
Extra meat makes strength training more effective 25.03.2014
Whey only counteracts growth-reducing effect of alcohol a little 10.03.2014
Optimal post-workout whey dose: 20 g 24.01.2014
Whey or casein before and after your workout? 05.01.2014
Post-strength training testosterone peak higher with CLA 02.01.2014
Whey before workout reduces cortisol level, soya protein doesn't 21.12.2013
Post-workout shake with 22g whey works better than one with 22g soya protein 20.12.2013
Creatine works better after strength training than before 18.12.2013
Animal study: 1000 IU vitamin D3 inhibits muscle breakdown in athletes 29.11.2013
Touch of caffeine makes pre-workout shake more effective 27.11.2013
Xpand-2X doubles bodybuilders' progression 20.11.2013
Green tea speeds up muscle recovery after heavy training 11.11.2013
N-Acetylcysteine supplement inhibits post-workout muscle recovery 01.11.2013
Better strength training and less muscle pain after three cups of coffee 28.10.2013
Vitamin D3 boosts anabolic effect of leucine 19.09.2013
Alcohol after strength training boosts testosterone level 01.10.2013
Bodybuilders can train whenever they want during Ramadan 10.08.2013
Creatine supplementation with Russian Tarragon instead of glucose: same increase in lean body mass, but much drier 23.07.2013
Build 9 kg more lean body mass with HMB-ATP combo 21.07.2013
Rice protein works just as well as whey for bodybuilders 19.07.2013
Using whey during strength training helps tendons grow faster 04.07.2013
The combined effect of taking supplements before, during and after your workout 15.06.2013
Fifteen g whey before strength training, and another 15 g afterwards 09.06.2013
Strength training better for diabetes-2 when combined with creatine 06.06.2013
Portion of protein every three hours is best for muscle building 16.05.2013
If you use a weight gainer like Cyclone for 12 weeks... 03.05.2013
Post workout: your muscles benefit more from one large portion of whey than ten small ones 17.04.2013
During strength training BCAA's protect the muscles better when combined with taurine 14.04.2013
Portion of meat post workout stimulates muscle growth 04.04.2013
Mega-dose of sodium bicarb helps bodybuilders make more reps 11.03.2013
Mix of casein, whey and soya protein works better than whey alone after strength training 07.03.2013
MSM speeds up post-weight training recovery 28.02.2013
Strength training works even with a low protein intake 01.02.2013
Green tea has a slightly anabolic effect on strength athletes 14.01.2013
This is what happens if you combine NO-Shotgun with NO-Synthesize 09.01.2013
GAKIC results disappointing 04.12.2012
Phosphatidic acid works for strength athletes 14.11.2012
Combo strength training and vitamin D makes waist slimmer 05.10.2012
Older strength athlete benefits more from whey than from soya after a workout 20.08.2012
Older strength sports athletes need more whey after training 19.08.2012

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