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Underground lab launches methyltrienolone and dimethandrolone stack

The outfit goes by the name of HardCore Labs and the product that is causing furore is called MT-DMN. [See the picture below.] MT-DMN is an injectable drug. The active ingredients are a cocktail of the anabolic steroids methyltrenbolone and dimethandrolone.

Underground lab launches methyltrienolone and dimethandrolone stack
According to William Llewellyn, HardCore Labs is a west European business. Llewellyn is the compiler of Anabolics, an annually updated overview of anabolic steroids available on the black market. He writes about HardCore Labs in his entry on dimethandrolone in Anabolics. You can link through to it from the HardCore Labs website

Clandestine laboratories like Hardcore are the only makers of drugs containing dimethandrolone at the moment. Regular pharmaceutical companies have not yet taken dimethandrolone on board because it has not yet been approved anywhere yet. The test-tube and animal studies that have been published so far, however, all indicate that dimethandrolone is a really powerful muscle builder.

Dimethandrolone is a porcupine anabolic steroid that exceeds the muscle building effect of testosterone by a factor of 136. In addition, dimethandrolone does not affect the prostate and the chance of estrogen side-effects is virtually nil.

Through its powerful progesterone effect, dimethandrolone suppresses the body's own production of hormones and sperm almost entirely. Pharmacists are therefore examining whether it's possible to put dimethandrolone into a male contraceptive. If dimethandrolone does turn out to have any serious side effects, they are likely to be linked to the recovery of the axis.

The usual concentration of dimethandrolone in the illegal drugs is 200 mg per millilitre. According to Llewellyn, injections are needed daily or every other day.

HardCore Labs' MT-DMN doesn't contain dimethandrolone alone.

The drug also contains 3 mg of methyltrienolone per millilitre. [Molecular formula here Ed.] For years methyltrienolone [aka methyltrenbolone] was the most powerful steroid ever made. But it never made it to the market because in human trials it turned out to have devastating effects on the liver. Users' livers were not only affected very quickly, but after stopping the drug the liver continued to deteriorate.

Underground lab launches methyltrienolone and dimethandrolone stack
The addition of methyltrienolone increases the risks to the liver, comments Llewellyn. He states that it's clear that MT-DMN is an incredibly powerful stack. Health-conscious users however won't start taking MT-DMN, but are more likely to look for a drug containing pure dimethandrolone.

Conventional doping tests don't yet pick up dimethandrolone, Llewellyn concludes, but recent events in Greece show that this is no longer the case for methyltrienolone. []