Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Methoxy-TST = Methoxy-TRN

The active ingredient in the designer supplement Methoxy-TST is identical to the one in Methoxy-TRN. And this is not the steroid that the supplement manufacturers claim is present in the products. This finding came to light during an analysis carried out by a certified research laboratory, the results of which Ergo-log has received.

Methoxy-TST = Methoxy-TRN
According to the manufacturers, the active ingredient in Methoxy-TST is 17b-methoxy-trienosterone. [Google] This term doesn't mean much to scientists. Some advertisements mention an “oral testosterone analogue”, but trienosterone is not a registered term. The other part of the name, 17-b-Methoxy, is more clear: it indicates that the molecule in the 17beta-position has a methoxy group on it. Some users thought that Methoxy-TST contained 17-beta-methoxy-testosterone.

Steroid experts were surprised when Methoxy-TST appeared on the market. A methoxy group on the 17-beta-position reduces the steroid's attachment to the androgen receptor, but promotes its attachment to the progesterone receptor. That works against the desired effect and increases the chance of side effects, such as a reduction in the endogenous manufacture of testosterone.

Methoxy-TST = Methoxy-TRN
A similar discussion erupted when Methoxy-TRN appeared on the market. The active ingredient in this product is 17b-methoxy-trienbolone, if the labels are to be believed. [Google] The difference this time was that the name on the labels gave the impression that 17-beta-methoxy-trenbolone was the substance in question.

According to animal studies, 17-beta-methoxy-trenbolone is a fairly powerful progestagen and a weak androgen.

Methoxy-TRN and Methoxy-TST, the ads proclaimed, are "designed by the best to work synergistically".

If the inventor of the stack is the same person as the manufacturer of the products, you can't deny that he has a sense of humour. But it's a sense of humour without a conscience. According to the laboratory analyses, both Methoxy-TST and Methoxy-TRN contain ordinary trenbolone. It hasn't been ethered or estered, it's plain old trenbolone. How much trenbolone the capsules contain the researchers did not determine.

The trenbolones on the market come in the form of injectible products. But trenbolone is also a bit active when taken orally; it's oral availability is bigger than nandrolone's and testosterone's.

The analyses are sobering: they show how much respect the designer-supplements industry has for its buyers.