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Introducing dimethyl-nandrolone

Researchers at the American Bioqual labs used animal and test-tub studies to come up with a profile of the monster steroid dimethyl-nandrolone undecanoate. This steroid is targeted at elderly men and sold as a component in male contraceptives.

Dimethyl nandrolone's full name is 7-alpha,11-beta-19-nortestosterone. We call it a porcupine steroid: the extra methyl groups on the nandrolone skeleton make dimethyl-nandrolone interact more strongly with the androgen receptor than nandrolone.

The researchers mixed this steroid with their rats' food for seven days. They used dimethyl-nandrolone [DMA] in total doses of 0.4, 1.6 or 6.4 milligrams. They also used the ester analogue [DMAU] in total doses of 0.63, 2.5 or 10 milligrams. A control group was given methyl-testosterone in total doses of 1.0, 4.0 or 16 mg. The figure below shows the effects on the rats' sphincter muscle, a marker for the anabolic effect of steroids.

Introducing dimethyl nandrolone

The ratio of anabolic/androgenic effects of the new steroid is better than that of methyl-testosterone. The figure below shows the effect of the doses mentioned above on the circumference of the prostate. The growth of the prostate is a marker for the undesirable androgenic effect of steroids.

Introducing dimethyl nandrolone

Dimethyl-nandrolone is a powerful progestogen, the researchers discovered when they mixed the bare and the ester androgen with cells that had been modified with a progesterone receptor, and then looked at how hard the molecular progesterone machinery went to work in the cells' genome.

Introducing dimethyl nandrolone

Dimethyl-nandrolone also proved to have a progesterone effect in live animals. The androgen caused the uterus and the endometrium to grow in rabbits, although its growth stimulatory effect was not as good as that of good old progesterone itself. In practice the progesterone effect probably means that dimethyl-nandrolone also completely blocks the body's own production of testosterone. In their tests at least, the researchers noticed that this androgen suppressed the production of LH heavily.

The researchers also looked at dimethyl-nandrolone's close relative 5-alpha-dihydro-dimethyl-nandrolone and commented: "It is interesting to note that synthetic 5-alpha-dihydro-DMA demonstrated androgenic and progestational potencies comparable to those of DMA in our in vitro assays."

The researchers believe that dimethyl-nandrolone is a better candidate for hormone therapy than MENT is. MENT full name 7-alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone disappears quickly from the body. What's more, from other experiments the researchers know that dimethyl-nandrolone does not reduce libido, or get in the way of ejaculation, and does stop sperm production but has no lasting effects on fertility.

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