Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Insulin & Glucose Metabolism

Thirty grams of oyster mushroom per day lowers blood pressure and increases insulin sensitivity 22.09.2023
Whey makes diabetics healthier 16.08.2023
Kombucha improves the way the body handles glucose 08.08.2023
Ginger enhances insulin sensitivity | Is ginger tea a sports supplement? 02.07.2023
What happens if you use alpha-lipoic acid for 4 years? 28.06.2023
That's how many beans you should eat daily to get healthier 09.05.2023
This active substance in coffee - no, it's not caffeine - lowers your fat percentage 07.05.2023
Are store-bought belly button mushrooms also insulin enhancers? 05.05.2023
Dried belly button mushroom powder increases insulin sensitivity, reduces fat mass 04.05.2023
Butterfly pea flower tea, glucose & insulin | A health food or... an ergogenic insulin booster? 30.04.2023
Soft drinks accelerate type-2 diabetics' departure to the afterlife 23.04.2023
That's how strong the positive cardiovascular effects of amla are 22.04.2023
Resveratrol helps type 2 diabetics lower glucose levels 30.03.2023
Significant weight loss after switching to low-carbohydrate bread 16.03.2022
Obese with a fatty liver? This dose of myo-inositol makes you healthier 27.02.2023
Rutin, a natural medicine against type-2 diabetes 16.02.2023
Fat loss as a result of Brazilian propolis supplementation 05.02.2023
Supplement with glycine and N-acetylcysteine lowers insulin resistance in type-2 diabetics 02.12.2022
Metformin, an old anti-diabetic that extends lifespan 05.11.2022
This dose of thiamine increases your glucose uptake 29.10.2022
Improved response to carbohydrates by beta-glucans from oats 15.10.2022
How does your health improve if you combine intermittent fasting with interval training? 08.10.2022
At this dose, Q10 supplementation increases insulin sensitivity 30.09.2022
Vitamin D supplement protects diabetic DNA from free radicals 13.09.2022
The antidiabetic effect of vitamin D 10.09.2022
Glucose level out of control? Maybe a vitamin D supplement helps 09.09.2022
Taurine, a supplement for diabetics 18.07.2022
With every handful of walnuts you eat every day, your risk of diabetes is halved 15.05.2022
How white button mushrooms might take the sting out of diabetes and delay aging 16.03.2022
Vitamin D supplement keeps type 2 diabetes at bay 08.03.2022
Two capsules of D-chiro-inositol per day: more testosterone, less estradiol, less body fat and greater insulin sensitivity 16.11.2021
This is what happens if you take a gram of cinnamon with every meal 10.10.2021
Coming soon in pharmacological bodybuilding: DS20060511 25.08.2021
More fruit, less diabetes 19.07.2021
Daily serving of strawberries improves insulin and cholesterol levels 07.06.2021
Do vitamin C & beta-carotene reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes? 18.04.2021
More irisin (and much healthier) due to green cardamom oil 10.04.2021
What kind of stuff is chromium dinicocysteinate? 04.04.2021
Supplementing with quercetin or red onion forces the body into giving muscle preferential treatment over fat 06.12.2020
Sweetener sucralose reduces insulin sensitivity | Human study 17.09.2020
The anti-diabetes effect of Green Coffee Bean 02.08.2020
Carnitine makes type 2 diabetics healthier 25.06.2020
Very old but in top shape | The promise of interleukin-37 21.06.2020
Testosterone replacement therapy for type 2 diabetes? 07.05.2020
Polyacetylenes for diabetics (and bodybuilders) 14.04.2020
Eating time restriction makes you healthier 17.12.2019
How avocatin-B, the FAO inhibitor in avocado, protects against type 2 diabetes 15.12.2019
Black pepper extract PipeNig-FL stimulates muscle growth while inhibiting body fat growth 17.11.2019
Ginger, a herbal anti-diabetic drug 21.10.2019
Drinking two glasses of cranberry juice per day improves insuline sensitivity 19.09.2019
Propolis increases insulin sensitivity 06.06.2019
Diet with lots of sweets and little fish, vegetables and fruit reduces insulin sensitivity in young adults 07.05.2019
Daily hot bath improves glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity 29.11.2018
Q10 makes type-2 diabetics healthier 01.11.2018
After twenty years of type-2 diabetes, patients no longer need insulin thanks to intermittent fasting 16.10.2018
The lifestyle that protects against diabetes: intensive exercise, cardiorespiratory fitness and few hours of sitting 22.09.2018
Coffee ingredient chlorogenic acid blocks insulin's pro-aging effect 15.08.2018
Why getting more of your carbs from legumes will make you healthier 21.06.2018
Intermittent fasting increases insulin sensitivity 24.05.2018
In combination with protein supplementation, this comprehensive training approach has more effect on body composition than just strength training 15.05.2018
Human study: olive leaf supplement increases insulin sensitivity 30.04.2018
In muscle tissue, the olive phytochemical oleuropein imitates the effect of insulin 27.04.2018
High vitamin D levels drastically reduce the risk of diabetes type-2 25.04.2018
Low-carbohydrate diet can cure type-2 diabetes 18.02.2018
Q10 makes cells more sensitive to insulin 15.02.2018
Daily portion of oyster mushrooms lowers glucose levels and improves cholesterol 25.01.2018
Fish oil supplements enhance insulin sensitivity 30.12.2017
Health improvements noticeable after just 4 days of more movement and less sitting 12.12.2017
Strength training + active lifestyle more than halves chance of diabetes 11.09.2017
Eating whole grain products instead of refined ones saves you a hundred kilocalories a day 01.05.2017
Magnesium protects against hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure and diabetes 08.04.2017
The unprecedented possibilities of the Horny Goat Weed-leucine cocktail 13.03.2017
Pomegranate reduces cortisol by a third 10.01.2017
L-Histidine supplementation breaks down fat in prediabetic women 19.11.2016
Nigella sativa, plant-based insulin substitute 09.11.2016
Anti-aging vitamin keeps diabetics healthy 04.10.2016
Slimming aid carnosic acid has anabolic effect 12.05.2016
Cinnamon extract supplement boosts muscle mass 19.11.2015
Animal study: acerola inhibits growth of fat tissue 20.03.2015
GABA: body fat inhibitor and insulin booster 30.12.2014
Ginkgo keeps incorrigible fatties healthy 03.09.2014
Does Artemisia dracunculus boost the anabolic effect of insulin? 02.09.2014
Insulin sensitivity: half an hour a day of cardio works as well as an hour 18.02.2014
Fish oil increases insulin sensitivity only when combined with exercise 10.02.2014
Taurine boosts glucose uptake in muscles 30.12.2013
Eat nuts or peanuts, protect yourself from diabetes, and live longer 28.12.2013
Whey protein hydrolysate boosts glycogen storage in muscle cells 25.11.2013
Chlorogenic acid chases glucose into muscle cells 19.11.2013
Creatine supplementation with Russian Tarragon instead of glucose: same increase in lean body mass, but much drier 23.07.2013
Put on less weight with gluten free diet 29.06.2013
Strength training better for diabetes-2 when combined with creatine 06.06.2013
Eating too fast messes up your insulin balance 19.05.2013
Pumpkin boosts endurance capacity and muscle strength 08.04.2013
Mango: load up with carbs and reduce fat at the same time 12.01.2012
Yoga makes diabetics healthier 29.11.2011
Anthocyanins in blueberries: more muscle and less fat 26.11.2011
Grapefruit flavonoid naringenin helps muscles' glucose uptake 12.04.2011
Animal study: less fat with fenugreek 05.03.2011
Cinnamon piles the glucose on in the muscles 09.02.2011
Dipeptides in whey hydrolysate are glucose boosters 31.01.2011
Rhodiola, the perfect insulin booster 19.01.2011
Turmeric boosts glucose uptake in muscle cells 13.01.2011
Chlorella boosts GLUT4 14.12.2009
Muscle cells absorb more glucose with creatine 16.12.2008
Green tea contains insulin booster 11.08.2008