Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Gram D-chiro inositol gives men more testosterone
Gram D-chiro inositol gives men more testosterone


supplementation with a substantial dose of D-chiro-inositol raises testosterone levels and lowers estradiol levels in men aged 30-65 years.

Low vitamin D levels induce acne


And, just as you might expect, normalizing low vitamin D levels through supplementation can make acne less severe.

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More nature, less medication

More nature, less medication
More nature, less medication


People who go into the woods or meadows a few times a week, or visit a park, use medicines for asthma, high blood pressure and psychiatric disorders less often.

Lime oil massage helps athletes get rid of DOMS


Athletes who want to reduce their muscle pain after intensive training and who want to accelerate recovery through massage, achieve better results if they are massaged with lime oil.

In these doses, arginine supplements improve sports performance

In these doses, arginine supplements improve sports performance
In these doses, arginine supplements improve sports performance



300 mg Grape Seed Extract per day lowers blood pressure, reduces stress


Human study.

Acetylcholine in eggplant lowers blood pressure

Acetylcholine in eggplant lowers blood pressure
Acetylcholine in eggplant lowers blood pressure


A modest amount of the deep purple vegetable - which is actually a fruit, yes, we know - contains enough acetylcholine to help lower blood pressure.

Lifestyle improvement more important than TRT for obese men with low testosterone


Obese men with testosterone levels that are too low become slimmer, fitter and stronger if they lose weight and start exercising. If they also start using testosterone replacement therapy [TRT], the added value is modest.

Worn knee a bit less painful due to L-carnitine supplementation

Worn knee a bit less painful due to L-carnitine supplementation
Worn knee a bit less painful due to L-carnitine supplementation


A dose of 750 milligrams per day is sufficient. But if you take NSAIDs, carnitine may not have any effect.

How yogurt and kefir activate the immune system while curbing inflammation


Fermented dairy reduces the activity of CRP and increases that of interferon-gamma.

30 milligrams of elemental zinc helps against acne


Supplements with a high, but not absurdly high dose of zinc can reduce acne by more than forty percent. Trial.

Why NO-boosters with a modest amount of arginine and citrulline can still be effective


If you combine L-arginine and L-citrulline, 2 grams could already be effective. Human study.

That's how many beans you should eat daily to get healthier


If you fit 150 grams of beans into your diet every day, you will become healthier. You lose weight, your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels drop, and inflammatory factors become less active.

This active substance in coffee - no, it's not caffeine - lowers your fat percentage 07.05.2023
Are store-bought belly button mushrooms also insulin enhancers? 05.05.2022
Dried belly button mushroom powder increases insulin sensitivity, reduces fat mass 04.05.2023
Guarana supplementation shortens your reaction time 03.05.2022

Butterfly pea flower tea, glucose & insulin | A health food or... an ergogenic insulin booster? 30.04.2023
Not enough sleep? Your hydration status may be suboptimal 28.04.2022
Fish oil supplementation increases athletes' resting energy expenditure by ten percent 26.04.2023
Apples protect against arteriosclerosis 25.04.2022
Soft drinks accelerate type-2 diabetics' departure to the afterlife 23.04.2023
That's how strong the positive cardiovascular effects of amla are 22.04.2022
Supplementation with 5-HTP and creatine dispels stubborn depression 20.04.2023
The fragile bones of the flexitarian 18.04.2022
Combining caloric restriction and part-time fasting aligned to circadian rhythm extends lifespan by 35 percent 16.04.2023
Curl with supinated grip most suitable for training biceps brachii 15.04.2022
Vitamin D supplement reduces risk of suicide 12.04.2023
Omega-3 fatty acids reduce risk of Covid-19, hospitalization and death 10.04.2022
Does Myotor really work that well? 08.04.2023
Glucosamine reduces risk of dementia 06.04.2022
This is what happens when CrossFit athletes use Tribulus terrestris 04.04.2023
Lower back pain? A vitamin D supplement may help 03.04.2022
A better memory after just one drop of Salvia oil


Resveratrol helps type 2 diabetics lower glucose levels 30.03.2022
Low magnesium levels will kill you 28.03.2023
About Tongkat Ali, working out, testosterone, and sex 26.03.2022
Betaine increases testosterone, lowers cortisol after strength training 24.03.2023
Substantial reduction in the risk of dementia thanks to vitamin D supplementation 22.03.2022
Metastudy | Curcumin supplementation speeds up recovery from Covid-19 20.03.2023
Fish oil doubles strength gains through strength training 18.03.2022
Significant weight loss after switching to low-carbohydrate bread 16.03.2023
The life extenders in onion peel 14.03.2022
The brains of people in their 20s, 30s and 40s work better with fish oil capsules 12.03.2023
Aged 65 or older | More steps, better brains 10.03.2022
You will be healthier if you eat oyster mushrooms 4 times a week 08.03.2023
A pinch of GABA makes whey a more effective muscle builder 06.03.2022
Supplementing with magnesium makes NO boosters work better 05.03.2023
Inositol alleviates severe depression 03.03.2022
Supplement with vitamin D reduces pain in rheumatoid arthritis 01.03.2023

Obese with a fatty liver? This dose of myo-inositol makes you healthier 27.02.2022
Supplementing with Lion's Mane improves mental fitness in people over 50 26.02.2023
Diet containing beetroot, arugula and other nitrate sources protects against heart failure 24.02.2022
Zinc supplementation versus depression 22.02.2023
Nitrate in food makes your muscles (a little) stronger and faster 20.02.2022
If you have someone else's kidney, you may live longer on boron 18.02.2023
Rutin, a natural medicine against type-2 diabetes 16.02.2022
Is boron a life extender? 15.02.2023
Beetroot for bone strength 13.02.2022
Raisins or sports gels - what difference does it make? 12.02.2023
Metastudy | Yes, vitamin D supplements protect against Covid-19 11.02.2022
Withholding these vitamin supplements helps to control prostate cancer 10.02.2023
Under these circumstances, quercetin is an effective sports supplement 09.02.2022
Cabbage can help prostate cancer survival 08.02.2023
Alpha-ketobutyrate | Another endogenous life extender 07.02.2022
These two vegetables make bones stronger 06.02.2023
Fat loss as a result of Brazilian propolis supplementation 05.02.2022
High intake of vitamin K1 keeps bones strong (and muscles too) 03.02.2023
Supercentenarians are extremely healthy 02.02.2022
Are you really 134 years old, sir? 01.02.2023

This analogue of rutin extends life by 10 percent 31.01.2022
Lithium extends psychiatric patient's lifespan 29.01.2023
Lithium in drinking water helps you live longer 28.01.2022
Tea protects against glioma 27.01.2023
Turmeric's modest kidney-stone factor 26.01.2022
Do you want to build muscle? If your protein intake is high, a 'slow' protein is more efficient 25.01.2023
This is the effect of zinc supplementation in covid | Trial 24.01.2022
Green tea speeds up muscle recovery after heavy training 23.01.2023
Supplementation with 5HTP makes diabetics eat significantly less 22.01.2022
Evening workout won't cost you sleep 21.01.2023
Yoga, walking, cardio training | All types of physical activity improve sleep 20.01.2022
Pantethine | The underrated cholesterol-lowering effects of a B vitamin 19.01.2023
Fish oil makes life more difficult for cancer secondaries 18.01.2022
Decaf increases the risk of rheumatoid arthritis, regular coffee does not 17.01.2023
High intake of nuts and legumes protects against brain cancer 16.01.2022
Q10 supplementation makes explosive movements a little faster 15.01.2023
HMB reduces muscle breakdown in endurance athletes 14.01.2022
Onions for strong bones 13.01.2023
High vitamin E levels reduce the risk of gallstones 12.01.2022
Shilajit repairs worn knee 11.01.2023
It really exists: carrot addiction 10.01.2022
Vitamin C helps prevent gallstones 09.01.2023
Shilajit induces muscle collagen biosynthesis 08.01.2022
Moderate-intensity exercise burns more fat through supplementation with fish oil 07.01.2023
Fish oil increases insulin sensitivity only when combined with exercise 06.01.2022
More alpha-carotene, more muscle strength 05.01.2023
Edible mushrooms protect against depression 04.01.2022
Quercetin boosts inhibitory effect of green tea for prostate cancer 03.01.2023
Vitamin B for stronger bones 02.01.2023
Hydrated body burns more fat, less protein 01.01.2023

More dietary fiber, more muscle (and less body fat) 30.12.2022
Is the antidepressant effect of physical exercise superior to that of pharmacological antidepressants? 29.12.2022
Fitness helps children & adolescents beat depression 28.12.2022
A capsule of shilajit a day makes bones stronger 25.12.2022
Swop your desk chair for a therapy ball, and keep slim 24.12.2022
Supplementation with galacto-oligosaccharides reduces cortisol levels 23.12.2022
Why some multivitamins can make you feel nauseated 22.12.2022
A multivitamin for your nails 21.12.2022
Fish oil supplementation makes over 60s more muscled and stronger 20.12.2022
Only strong athletes get stronger through shilajit supplementation 19.12.2022
Wound heals faster by supplementing with arginine, vitamin C and zinc 18.12.2022
Strength training helps keep post-menopausal women slim 17.12.2022
You will feel better if you eat these foods daily 16.12.2022
The effect of 10 weeks of fitness training according to Pilates 14.12.2022
Eat healthier, increase your muscle strength - and live longer 13.12.2022
The animals around us are getting fatter 12.12.2022
Relaxation exercise halves cortisol level 11.12.2022
More beta-carotene, longer life 10.12.2022
Shilajit boosts concentration of testosterone, free testosterone and DHEA 09.12.2022
Does a hefty dose of ergothioneine make men more fertile? 08.12.2022
Vitamin C supplement accelerates foot ulcer healing 07.12.2022
Women on hormone therapy don't retain muscle 06.12.2022
Mass supplementation with vitamin D could have prevented one-third of Covid-19 deaths 05.12.2022
What you are not supposed to know about C60 04.12.2022
How ginseng boosts athletes' endurance capacity 03.12.2022
Supplement with glycine and N-acetylcysteine lowers insulin resistance in type-2 diabetics 02.12.2022
Exercise burns up more fat after supplementing with cystine and glutamine 01.12.2022

Orientin, the longevity flavonoid in bamboo 30.11.2022
Bad breath from proteins? Green tea helps 29.11.2022
Golfers hit further with creatine supplement 28.11.2022
Alpha-GPC gave man (79) uncontrollable libido 27.11.2022
Creatine speeds up muscle recovery in endurance athletes 26.11.2022
How quercetin protects blood vessels against cholesterol 25.11.2022
Light-intensity training still makes you fitter - thanks to creatine supplementation 24.11.2022
Glucosamine users are less likely to get cancer 23.11.2022
A life with ikigai is a longer life 22.11.2022
Changing the position of the bar turns the back squat into another exercise 21.11.2022
Accept yourself and live three years longer 19.11.2022
Combination Q10 and curcumin reduces migraines 18.11.2022
Building muscles without testosterone 16.11.2022
The best muscle food is prepared in your own kitchen 16.11.2022
An anti-inflammatory diet may alleviate rheumatoid arthritis 15.11.2022
Fish reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis, processed meat has the opposite effect 14.11.2022
Citrulline supplementation reduces muscle soreness and fatigue after an explosive workout 13.11.2022
Resveratrol is an anti-oestrogen 12.11.2022
GLA supplement helps tamoxifen work better 11.11.2022
Combination of fish oil and GLA stimulates hair growth 10.11.2022
Metastudy: selenium helps prevent prostate cancer 09.11.2022
Strength training results in more muscle growth thanks to this Korean protein supplement 08.11.2022
Cyclists do just as well on bananas as on sports drinks 07.11.2022
This daily dose of zinc increases your risk of prostate cancer 06.11.2022
Metformin, an old anti-diabetic that extends lifespan 05.11.2022
The BDNF Files | How summer & sunlight make you smarter and happier 04.11.2022
Get over your cold quicker with a hefty dose of zinc 03.11.2022
City dweller lives longer in a green neighborhood 02.11.2022
Fish oil protects for up to seven years against psychoses 01.11.2022