Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Immune System

A dipeptide for a longer life with less disease? | Thymogen 30.09.2023
Kiwis help you to get rid of common colds faster (and lessen the symptoms) 10.08.2023
Creatine supplementation makes the immune system more resistant to infection 08.07.2023
Ginger speeds up recovery from Covid-19 by thirty percent 26.06.2023
With or without hydrocortisone, supplementing with vitamin D reduces eczema 06.06.2023
EPA reduces eczema 31.05.2023
How yogurt and kefir activate the immune system while curbing inflammation 14.05.2023
Omega-3 fatty acids reduce risk of Covid-19, hospitalization and death 10.04.2023
Metastudy | Curcumin supplementation speeds up recovery from Covid-19 20.03.2023
Metastudy | Yes, vitamin D supplements protect against Covid-19 11.02.2023
This is the effect of zinc supplementation in covid | Trial 24.01.2023
Mass supplementation with vitamin D could have prevented one-third of Covid-19 deaths 05.12.2022
Honey, an effective cough remedy 27.10.2022
Under stress? Social support and hugs protect against viruses 25.10.2022
Vitamin D reduces risk of death from covid | Research among unvaccinated covid patients 30.08.2022
A little physical activity reduces the risk of covid | Meta-study 26.08.2022
Do you want to prevent virus infection? Reduce long-term stress 01.07.2022
Cannabidiol may protect against SARS-CoV-2 infection 27.06.2022
Surviving covid thanks to GABA supplementation 02.06.2022
Steroid cycle gives coronavirus more chance 29.05.2022
Supplement with 500 milligrams of vitamin C increases survival chances in life-threatening covid by a factor of 5 26.04.2022
Low vitamin D levels increase the risk of serious covid by a factor of 14 05.03.2022
Cistus incanus goes in, virus comes out 10.02.2022
How vitamin C boosts quercetin's antiviral action 02.02.2022
High-dose quercetin protects against colds - if you're 40+ and fit 29.01.2022
Vitamin D supplement reduces flu risk, says meta-study 26.01.2022
Black Seed Oil decreases covid recovery time 15.01.2022
Antiviral effect Nigella sativa protects covid patients 12.01.2022
Combination of vitamin D3, vitamin B12 and magnesium keeps covid patient out of the ICU 09.01.2022
Sunlight protects against coronavirus infection, vitamin D supplements help prevent hospital admission 09.12.2021
Can't smell or taste anything after covid? Maybe curcumin will help 01.12.2021
A healthier diet, less covid 17.10.2021
Covid-19 | Low dose of arginine speeds up recovery 13.10.2021
At this vitamin D3 level, SARS-CoV-2 is (in theory) no longer lethal 11.10.2021
Are men (and steroids users) less likely to get covid if they eat 2 mushrooms a day? 07.10.2021
Infected with corona? You need more vitamin C 30.09.2021
Rice bran stimulates the production of IgA antibodies 26.09.2021
Phenol-rich diet improves ailing immune system 17.09.2021
Vitamin D3 supplement keeps elderly covid-19 patient alive 12.09.2021
Green Propolis gets covid patient discharged from hospital sooner 22.08.2021
Supplement with Brazilian propolis makes deadly viruses less dangerous 18.08.2021
Quercetin analogs provide just as much protection against viruses as quercetin itself 14.08.2021
Does quercetin take the sting out of covid? 12.08.2021
Covid patients recover faster with quercetin phytosome supplementation 09.08.2021
Extra vitamin D speeds up recovery after coronavirus infection 01.08.2021
Quercetin makes zinc a better corona protector 26.07.2021
Indeed, zinc protects against corona 16.07.2021
Preventing zinc deficiency, preventing (or surviving) covid 15.07.2021
Selenium increases chance of survival after infection with coronavirus 10.07.2021
Covid-19 | Vitamin K increases survival chances 01.07.2021
Physical activity makes the coronavirus less deadly 05.06.2021
Does Rhodiola rosea protect against ebola? 20.05.2021
Steroid users are more vulnerable to the coronavirus 29.04.2021
Vitamin D and corona | Less chance of infection, illness and death 28.04.2021
Meta study | Vitamin D protects against the coronavirus 15.04.2021
Do omega-3 fatty acids keep the coronavirus out? 07.04.2021
The antiviral effect of fresh ginger 06.04.2021
Out of every 10 elderberry supplements 1 is counterfeit 31.03.2021
Covid-19 infection with hardly any symptoms - thanks to the tanning bed? 17.03.2021
Susceptible to cold and flu? This tea boosts your immune system 16.02.2021
Echinacea purpurea better flu virus inhibitor than oseltamivir 03.02.2021
Antiviral effect of Nigella sativa may protect covid patients 19.12.2020
Animal study | Quercetin helps prevent virus infection after strenuous exercise 16.12.2020
This supplement reduces the risk of coronavirus infection by a factor of 12 11.12.2020
Multivitamin (with zinc) protects against viruses 11.11.2020
Do NO boosters inhibit the coronavirus? 22.11.2020
Androgens deteriorate immune system 15.09.2020
Get over colds faster thanks to a combination of zinc and vitamin C 09.09.2020
Vitamin D deficiency reduces survival after coronavirus infection 21.08.2020
Practicing Tai-Chi or Qigong gives you more immune cells 15.08.2020
Ginger, a natural hay fever medicine 13.06.2020
Vitamin D may be a Covid-19 drug, American study suggests 04.05.2020
After infection with the coronavirus, a high vitamin D level may prevent you from getting sick 24.04.2020
Fucoidan intensifies the attack of the immune system on cancer cells 23.04.2020
Training hard without compromising your immune system? Just double your protein intake... 11.04.2020
Anabolic steroids eliminate the cancer-inhibiting effect of strength training 10.04.2020
Quercetin protects athletes from colds and flu 08.04.2020
Quercetin sabotages influenza virus 07.04.2020
How divorced parents can mess up their children's immune systems 31.03.2020
Avoiding stress is preventing virus infection 27.03.2020
Fighting colds with garlic 26.03.2020
Immune-enhancing effect AHCC still present one month after use, animal study 23.03.2020
Animal study: AHCC restrains the causative agent of pneumonia 21.03.2020
Does AHCC help against the coronavirus? 18.03.2020
Yeast beta-glucans ease symptoms of virus infection 16.03.2020
Supplementation with fucoidan increases flu shot effectivity 10.03.2020
Oyster mushroom glucans prevent virus infections 09.03.2020
Less fatigue, a better immune system yet training hard - thanks to beta-glucans 03.03.2020
Animal study: spirulina is a virus inhibitor 01.03.2020
Glucans from mushrooms protect against virus infections 29.02.2020
AHCC increases chances of survival after being infected with a deadly virus 10.02.2020
The keto diet focuses the immune system on the flu virus 23.11.2019
3 grams of MSM per day counteracts hay fever attack 17.09.2019
Elderberries protect against flu viruses in these two ways 28.05.2019
Probiotics arm immune system against cancer cells and germs 13.04.2019
The healthier your lifestyle, the better your Natural Killer Cells function 07.03.2019
How trees enhance your immune system 02.03.2019
More trees in your area, more Natural Killer Cells in your body 16.02.2019
Pantethine tames allergy 11.10.2018
Vitamin B5 boosts immune system 25.09.2018
House dust mite allergy? Running helps 23.09.2018
Supplement with vitamin D protects martial artists against colds 21.09.2018
Older than 55? Yakult keeps your immune system strong 15.09.2018
Supplementation with these two mushrooms decimates the human papillomavirus 06.09.2018
Astragalus membranaceus reduces hay fever 09.08.2018
Arginine arms immune system against 'the new Aids' 05.07.2018
Echinacea keeps immune system up & running in times of severe stress 18.05.2018
Enhanced with lycopene, Natural Killer Cells are better cancer fighters 01.01.2018
Why you'll be sick less often if you eat 100g white button mushrooms every day 04.12.2017
Chlorella boosts immune system during heavy physical exercise 27.11.2017
White button mushrooms: an immunological weapon with a safety catch 25.10.2017
Always got a cold or flu? Get more exercise... 14.10.2017
Stronger immune system, fewer colds with active lifestyle 09.10.2017
Eating lots of button mushrooms helps Natural Killer Cells to clear up more cancer cells 03.10.2017
Meta-study: supplements containing vitamin D protect against colds 23.04.2017
Supplement containing vitamin D halves chance of flu 24.09.2016
Elderberries help against colds 04.06.2016
Too much body fat makes influenza deadlier 25.01.2016
Get over your cold quicker with a hefty dose of zinc 21.08.2015
Abscess in penis after a decade of steroids use 15.06.2015
Aids bacteria Mycobacterium fortuitum causes abscess in bodybuilder 21.05.2015
Strong muscles, strong immune system 27.03.2015
Sepsis even more deadly for steroids users 28.02.2015
Spirulina makes HIV-positive people healthier 23.09.2014
Influenza virus less harmful with goji supplement 14.04.2014
Chlorella protects liver against hepatitis-C virus 12.02.2014
150 g white button mushrooms a day help immune system recognise pathogens 06.02.2014
Two-week cranberry course gives six months protection against bladder infections 25.01.2014
Cranberries help immune system fight colds and flu 17.01.2014
Oyster mushrooms keep athletes disease free 12.12.2013
Banaba flavonoid quercetin-7-glycoside protects against virus infection 23.06.2013
Proline supplementation stimulates immune system 14.05.2013
Combination of L-cystine and L-theanine reduces chance of catching cold by seventy percent 13.04.2013
A good night's rest protects against colds 28.03.2013
Sleep speeds up post-viral healing 23.03.2013
Athletes who take Polypodium leucotomos are less often ill 18.03.2013
Chlorella keeps immune system up to scratch during training camp 16.03.2013
Suffer from continuous colds? Try vitamin D3 24.02.2013
Flu shot works better with AHCC 23.02.2013
Steroids use masked TB in bodybuilder 21.02.2013
Fish oil helps athletes' immune system to fight cancer cells 30.01.2013
Meditation prevents colds 15.12.2012
Chlorella fortifies immune system 02.12.2012
Echinacea protects air travellers 18.11.2012
Supplement with leucine, glutamine and arginine increases natural resistance 14.08.2012
Litre of non-alcoholic beer keeps marathon runner healthy 10.08.2012
Survive the flu season with Aged Garlic Extract 27.04.2012
Happy people catch cold less quickly 22.03.2012
Empathetic doctors have higher cure rate 20.03.2012
Take spirulina now, and avoid hay fever in the spring 24.02.2012
Got a cold? Continue gentle training 11.01.2012
High dose of zinc helps you get over a heavy cold faster 27.12.2011
Animal study: oatmeal fibre protects athletes against viruses 16.11.2011
Echinacea and Cat's Claw work better when combined 15.08.2011
Cell study suggests creatine might weaken natural resistance 11.07.2011
Half as often ill with Lactobacillus reuteri probiotic 09.05.2011
Mix of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins improves bodybuilders' immune system and body composition 18.01.2011
Strength athletes can boost immune system with cystine and theanine 06.08.2010
Can Echinacea help build muscles? 01.05.2010
Fish oil could halve chance of hay fever 08.03.2010
Fish oil lengthens life in animal study 07.02.2010
Enzyme supplement speeds up muscle recovery 25.12.2009
Life extending bacteria found in gut of Chinese centenarians 08.08.2009
Muscles aren't everything for men 22.06.2009
Study: Echinacea helps against colds 29.04.2009
Daily dose of Echinacea lengthens life expectancy 24.04.2009
Green tea protects against colds and flu 12.02.2009
Mushrooms make immune defences more alert 11.02.2009
New steroid Triolex boosts immune system 06.01.2009