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Human study: Chlorella increases VO2max

Human study: Chlorella increases VO2max
Okay, the human study that researchers from the Japanese Ryutsu Keizai University published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition has been sponsored by a manufacturer of supplements. Most of the studies into the biological effects of Chlorella are. But sponsored or not, we now have a lot of human studies that show that supplementation with Chlorella is interesting for athletes. According to this new study Chlorella increases the absorption of oxygen.

The researchers divided 34 young men in 2 weeks. During 4 weeks, one group took a placebo, and the other Chlorella. The experimental group used 30 tablets of SunChlorella A each day. The subjects took 15 tablets at breakfast, and another 15 tablets at dinner

Each tablet contained 200 milligrams of Chlorella. In total, the men in the experimental group took 6 grams of Chlorella per day.

Supplementation with Chlorella increased the VO2max from 42.1 to 44.9. You see that at the bottom right.

Human study: Chlorella increases VO2max

Before the experiment started, many study participants had less iron and vitamin B2, B3, D and K in their blood than food scientists consider to be optimal. That is not so strange, because of every 5 Japanese young men only one of them eats enough vegetables.

Before supplementation began, the researchers found a negative correlation between the amount of vitamin B2 in the blood of their subjects and their VO2max. You can see that at the top left.

Supplementation with Chlorella roughly increased the percentage of participants with a good nutritional status by 20 percent. Nevertheless the VO2max increased. How Chlorella increases the VO2max, the researchers can not say.

"In conclusion, Chlorella-derived multicomponent supplementation increases maximal oxygen uptake in individuals with an insufficient micronutrient status, although there was no association between the increase in aerobic capacity and serum levels of vitamin B2", summarize the researchers.

J Clin Biochem Nutr. 2017 Sep;61(2):135-9.

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