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How healthy is red wine without alcohol?

How healthy is red wine without alcohol?
A glass of red wine a day can help prevent heart attacks. The combination of alcohol and phenols in red wine keeps the blood vessels supple, scientists think. Exactly what wine drinkers want to hear. In 2012, researchers at the University of Barcelona discovered what happens to the cardiovascular effects of red wine when you remove the alcohol. Their findings won't make wine drinkers happy.

The researchers had 76 men aged 55-75 with diabetes type-2 drinking 3 small glasses of red wine every day for 4 weeks. These yielded a total of 30 grams of alcohol.

On another occasion, the men drank the same amount of dealcoholized red wine for 4 weeks.

On yet another occasion, the men drank three glasses of gin every day. The gin delivered just as much alcohol as the red wine, but didn't contain phenolic compounds.

The red wine lowered the blood pressure by 1-2 points, but the red wine without alcohol lowered the blood pressure by 2-5 points. Gin had little effect on blood pressure.

Red wine increased the concentration in the blood of the vasodilator nitric oxide [NO] by 0.6 micromol per liter. The effect of red wine without alcohol on the concentration of nitric oxide was significantly greater. Gin had no effect on nitric oxide.

How healthy is red wine without alcohol?

How healthy is red wine without alcohol?

How healthy is red wine without alcohol?

How healthy is red wine without alcohol?

Red wine without alcohol lowers blood pressure more effectively than red wine with alcohol. Apparantlt alcohol undermines the positive health effects of the phenols in red wine.

"Dealcoholized red wine decreases systolic and diastolic blood pressure through a NO-mediated mechanism", write the reserachers. "The daily consumption of dealcoholized red wine could be useful for the prevention of low to moderate hypertension."

"Although the blood pressure reduction after dealcoholized red wine consumption was modest (5.8 and 2.3 mmHg of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, respectively), decreases of 4 or 2 mm Hg in SBP or DBP respectively have been associated with a 14% and 20% reduction in CHD and stroke risk."

Red grape juice probably also works, we add. Or supplements with extracts from grapes.

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